Weekend News [as collapse expands] + More

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Louisiana Record – Upset Bayou Corne residents told to ‘move on with your lives’ cry after complaints of lawyer mistreatment < more items on this topic at their site archives

” . . . In recalling his experience, [Mike] Schaff said class counsel obviously quoted higher damage awards estimates to get class members to opt in to the lawsuit. In addition, Schaff said class counsel used intimidation tactics such as telling class members that if they objected to their settlement they were ultimately offered, Easterly might adjust their award by cutting it in half or “zeroing out” the award altogether.”

Louisiana rolls out new emergency web page – and they say everything is ‘normal’ at Bayou Corne(!). They have a delicate way of referring to the brain-eating critter in the water.

April 15 Situation Summary < some humor on p. 20 with red stripes showing ‘max’ sinkhole size 🙂 Journos: suggest you download this report as the url hints they will remove and replace the doc as time goes by.

The AdvocateDecade-old oil leak in Gulf of Mexico may be far worse than reported

The AdvertisierState to include sinkholes in disaster planning

THIBODAUX – Sinkholes will be recognized as threats dollarsigns in the state’s updated hazard mitigation plan.
The the state is working on a five-year update to its hazard mitigation plan, which must be in place to receive federal money  after natural and man-made disasters.
For the first time, the state will map salt domes and their surrounding 2-mile radius in each parish.

Texas House approves gutting municipal fracking bans cry

Five years after the spill: BP still leaking

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6 thoughts on “Weekend News [as collapse expands] + More

  1. Assumption PDF plan .is a science fiction work of art! They talk about water testing..and then slides mention NO WATER samples recieived during this period..(years?) for the report. Dates/times for meetings for the public are in the distant past…so this is a redo of older reports…volume is better than fact for Texas Brine and Assumption officlals I guess. Most interesting is the increase (marked in RED) amount of EQs seen on the last slides..87 is pretty high..seen in RED, and likely explains the helicorder readings being reported.

    The poor property owners got taken to the cleaners..the judge is sorry, says get on with your lives. Wonder how many Bayou Corne property owners will have to file bankruptcy? Go on the public dole..Medicaid..for health care assistance cause Obamacare costs dollars they dont have anymore. Its a mess..the lawyers got them good..the judge knows that..but isnt doing anything. Too bad. Lesson learned..dont settle with lawyers..Bayou Corne/Texas Brine victims would have been better to do the legal action themselves..would have gotten the same amount!

    • that law settlement needs a look-see by the DoJ…. and Louisiana thinks they can do this kangaroo court stuff AND get fed dollars to bail them out on sinkhole risk.
      No brains in the head of this swamp monster!

  2. Why don’t the residents file more charges, like forced health hazards from drinking tainted water or breatheing that toxic air? These life neccessities likely shortened their lives. I’m sure there are others. Residents didn’t get a fair housing compensation, then start tacking on other life threatening costs. Don’t let them walk all over you!

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