Another Russian Sinkhole + News

It is pretty far away from the previous ones ….

The Watchers

Giant sinkhole opens in Novokuznetsk region of Siberia, Russia

A giant sinkhole has appeared in Siberia’s Novokuznetsk region recently, some 3 500 km from other craters found in Arctic Russia in recent months. The new crater measures around 20 meters in diameter and around 25 to 30 meters in depth.

. . .  Observation from space revealed the dramatic mushrooming of the holes, believed to be caused by methane gas eruptions in melting permafrost due to climate change, scientists revealed today. A leading Russian expert sounded an alert over safety because one new Siberian crater, surrounded by at least 20 ‘baby holes’, is just six miles from a major gas production plant. 

PHOTOS of it from The Siberian Times

This has video of the nearby landslide there recently – Watch This Slow-Moving Landslide Devour a Russian Road

Earlier posts on Russian craters – 1, 2

UPDATE, April 29
Gigantic 100-metre sinkhole leaves Ukrainian villagers terrified after reports it has swallowed up homes and looks likely to get even BIGGER

. . . hope is isn’t related to thisWarming Climate May Release Massive Carbon Storehouse from Arctic Soils


The AdvocateNew safety rules since massive sinkhole prevent Texas Brine from expanding salt cavern operation; company files suit against Dow   DOW1

A 29-year-old Dow Chemical Co. salt cavern sits so close to Texas Brine’s property that new state safety regulations — created after the 2012 Bayou Corne sinkhole disaster — now prevent the Houston company from mining any new caverns on its property, a federal lawsuit alleges.

Texas Brine Co. has sued Dow and a local land company over the Dow cavern carved from the Napoleonville salt dome in Assumption Parish.

“Dow is obligated to (Texas Brine) for the value of the salt that (Texas Brine) can no longer mine, or ‘dead salt,’” the suit claims. . . .  (more)

Dow map

2013 item: Dow’s Toxic Stew Near Bayou Corne –  (not the same property)

State Seismologist says Oklahoma earthquakes are ‘very likely’ caused by oil and gas disposal wells

The Oklahoma state seismologist said disposal wells used by the oil and gas industry are ‘very likely’ responsible for the recent surge of earthquakes in Oklahoma at the recent Oklahoma Geological Survey.  < – links to report

NY TimesThe Gulf, Still at Risk

Environmentalists Warn That Gulf Oil Spill Recovery Could Be a Mirage

NOTE: See comments for Lake FUBAR agitation bits

Yellowston Updated

12 thoughts on “Another Russian Sinkhole + News

  1. Yes, Dow genius and inventor of Styrofoam and Saran Wrap (John Grebe)’s daughter is married to Michigan’s Attorney General, Bill Schuette. He also was involved in the creation of nuclear submarines for WWII and is well known in Creationist circles. Dow’s financial arm, Chemical Bank, has been buying up banks all throughout Michigan and as soon as they finish the deal for the purchase of a group of banks in southern Michigan, they will be the número uno in assets in the state of Michigan. And Alan Ott, who was the CEO of Chemical Bank for many years was the head of the Gerstacker foundation. Carl Gerstacker was Bill Schuette’s stepfather. Dow has so much money and political influence, is there any way to stop the death and toxic legacy they are leaving in their wake??!! We really need to be very very concerned about the political aspirations of many politicians in Michigan. Kinda sorry about the rant.

    • [ sorry for delay …. all comments going into SPAM bin lately! ]
      And DOW bought lots of primary ranking space holders at G00gle and now you cannot locate anything bad about them – even napalm – on G00gle search.

  2. Friday – The 6 a.m. grumbles is starting today at Lake FUBAR. LA12 has been showing this pattern sometimes after dawn.

    but Quake Watch may show it better –

    notice giant thump this morning … maybe 7:40 a.m. if the left side #s are UTC.

  3. and big fluid movement at the bottom of LA10 (-03) that lasted 15 min. at 2 a.m. UTC – [ 9 p.m. Thurs. night CST ]

    • This took me a long time to fine where you were getting this from and how to read it.
      It in UTC time and every line is 20 min. of time the red line always start out as 0 and end with 19 min. or you could say 20 min. of time.
      It does not gave a true date just the year.
      It’s a 24 hour clock or read out.

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