Tuesday News & Lots on DOW


fluid  Lots and lots of Fluid movement 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 a.m.! LA12 shows it.


Strange Sounds – Extreme winds blow off train from elevated tracks in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

The Advocate – New safety rules since massive sinkhole prevent Texas Brine from expanding salt cavern operation; company files suit against Dow DOW1

Some more on DOW –

   DOW links sent by a reader –  “…to point out the connection to Michigan politics (again).  Michigan’s AG Bill Schuette, (who’s from Midland and his dad was being groomed to be Dow’s CEO before he died at a young age) is married to Cynthia Grebe whose father was the famous or infamous genius at Dow for creating Styrofoam and Saran Wrap and nuclear submarines and is in the Plastic Hall of Fame as well as being some huge Creationist. Bill Schuette has huge political aspirations. Chemical Bank in Michigan began with Dow and their hometown still remains Midland. Chemical Bank used to be number 2 as far as assets in Michigan however they are in the process of purchasing more banks in lower MI which will then make them número uno.”

” . . . In the book “we almost lost Detroit” regarding the Fermi accident in
1966 is that not only was the father (John Grebe) of our AG’s wife the inventor of Styrofoam and Saran Wrap and a rabid Creationist, but also head of Dow’s Nuclear Research Department. He had at least two patents for nuclear rockets.”

“. . . John Grebe was on a ship watching the atomic bomb dropping at Bikini Atoll. He was huge in the field of nuclear stuff. Also, just learned our [Mich.] governor, Rick Snyder is going to be making a run for the Presidency! A puppet of Dow.”

UPDATEDearlier post (scroll down) on Russian sinkholes – and it has some DOW stuff too 🙂

NewDow, G.E. and all the top energy co.s poisoning you with PLASTIC


30 thoughts on “Tuesday News & Lots on DOW

  1. I found this on the cleanup in Oak Ridge TN that on going.

    I was looking at some old gunite tanks that was at ORNL in Oak Ridge TN. had.

    July 7, 1943 photograph shows X-10 construction of gunite tanks, which received waste from early nuclear operations at the Oak Ridge site.


    They had to remove the old hazard radioactive waste sludge from those tanks.

  2. Alvin Weinberg

    Clinton Engineering Works Pile, Graphite Reactor

    X-10 Graphite Reactor was the first to make plutonium-239 in small amounts,
    Plutonium was chemically separated from uranium in small amount at X-10.

    Little boy was a uranium bomb the fuel for the first bomb was made in Oak Ridge TN.

    Fat man bomb was made I should say the fuel for the bomb was made at Hanford.
    It was a Plutonium bomb.
    Manhattan Project Signature Facilities B Reactor, Hanford, Washington

    • Hanford is a big mess now! Babies being born there minus brains!
      I wonder how long these scientists lived who worked on this stuff!

  3. On new DOW info … in the long section here on explosions, I think about 2 years ago there were big mystery explosions in Michigan people were talking about. It may be in that archives. Now I wonder if it had to do with DOW.

    • wow ….I wonder if it is same effect as recent Siberia ‘craters’. Those seem connected to mining or gas & oil fields… not unlike all of Louisiana!

      • He also talks about the Fermilab’s Tevatron particle accelerator causing a M3.8 earthquake on 10 February 2010 in Michigan.  I’ve heard from a commentator on Abovetopsecret, on a thread conserning the M7.9 India quake, that CERN had a power serg at the same time as the M7.9 India earthquake.  BPearthwatch also has a video out about CERN/India earthquake connection.  Was the rare M4.2 earthquake caused by a particle accelerator?
        CERN/Beam 2 Spirals/Dumped: https://youtu.be/W–WXvvw20E

      • Over on the FC blog I added a good vid about CERN to the Nepal post. It is from BPEarthwatch.

  4. Article mentions 2015 tropical news about the Gulf of Mexico states.  There’s always weather modification, like HAARP and ionic heaters, that could change the weather outlook.  I’ve watched a hurricane’s death on youtube’s “The HAARP Report.”

    US Summer Forecast: Northeast to Endure More 90° days.
    As for tropical activity, the northern Gulf states could be affected as early as June.
    “Water temperatures are running much warmer than last year,” Pastelok said. “It may not take much to spawn a weak tropical system to enhance the rainfall on the Gulf Coast this year.”

  5. Has anyone noticed the string of earthquakes from Canada through Michigan, Tennessee and the last being in Mississippi? Just wondering…

    • Now, the fact that the epicenter of this earthquake is within 10 miles of my home and I’ve become a quite vocal activist concerning Dow and it’s family’s politics-someone who is more paranoid than I might be thinking “Hmmm….” But I’m far away at this time anyway. Interesting. Everyone at home’s felt it.

      • news accounts say it is biggest one up that way since the 1940s … so it is a rare event.

  6. on DOW [sent in] –
    RE: UFO, Dow link
    …. and maybe because I’ve read some about Kristen and Rocky Flats, what jumped out at me this time was towards the end of the article the author states that John Grebe helped establish Rocky Flats!

  7. and this [sent in] –

    this accident occurred while Fermi I was being built. But it still did not deter Walker Cisler. I’m not certain that John Grebe was involved at this point. However, “We Almost Lost Detroit” goes into much more detail of the Windscale incident than Wiki. They’re downplaying it as they also downplay Fermi I. In fact Wiki says W.A.L.D. is a work of fiction, which it is clearly not and says non-fiction on the cover of the book.


    • Wikipedia re-edits ALL entries to lie about nuke plants not being harmful.

      I came across really good article about post 3-mile-island children’s cancer in the area years after the accident in PA and when I sent it in to the Wikipedia entry on TMI it was up for mere seconds before it was scrubbed.
      Wikipedia is useless for any nuke info that isn’t written by pro-nukers.

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