Weekend News + New Madrid Shakes


YellowStn_Poster  There are strange west-coast events (volcano, L.A. quake) that are on the Yellowstone blog today.
There isn’t a direct connection to Yellowstone in the stories but maybe it it is connected somehow and it will come out later. And the Mich. quake this week is very out of the ordinary. It is mentioned in comments in the next post
(Tues. News).

Check the Yellowstone blog for updates on these events.




4 thoughts on “Weekend News + New Madrid Shakes

  1. I was looking at those two earthquake in Mississippi near Canton.

    This came to mine
    What is Igneous rock
    Those Faults felled with magma deep underground at New Madrid.

    Magma chamber
    There is magma chamber that are very deep underground at New Madrid.
    Can those magma chamber refill ones again ?

    Where in Mississippi was this done and was the test done in a salt dome.
    Atomic Journeys: Mississippi segment
    Salmon was detonated on October 22 1964 near Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The bomb had a yield of 5.3 kilotons. The second test was code named Sterling and it was detonated inside the cavity which had been left by the Salmon explosion. Sterling was detonated on December 3, 1966.

    • I just posted a bunch of New Mad. quakes …. now you say there’s a bunch of magma under there! Yikes! And California shaking.

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