Boone Dam in Tenn. Worsens! Above Some Nuke Plants

ENE-News – Top Official: “Sinkhole has sunk further… we have water coming through dam” upstream of nuclear plants; “Now agency’s top priority”; “Continued flow…could destabilize dam” — Section caved in at base — Gov’t not disclosing inundation maps over security concerns; Private meeting with facility in path (VIDEO)

sinkhole in the parking lot (!!!!!)

Lots of info – BooneDoggle


The TVA must be copying Texas Brine. They have a “timetable” too! News report with video (Ap. 28)

Boone dam has been crumbling for a long time – 2004 photos

The Boone Dam Sinkhole after the Panama Canal Quake of 29 October 2014

TVA energy plant map page    |    zoomable area map


Boone Lake water elevation live data

This guy says the threat is overblown and there’s lots of space in lakes to absorb any escaping water –


[use term “Boone dam” in the search box on the right sidebar to see old items about the slo-mo disaster ]

26 thoughts on “Boone Dam in Tenn. Worsens! Above Some Nuke Plants

  1. A second dam needs to be built either near the failing Boone dam or a little farther down stream to act as a backup. They just need to build away from the porous bedrock this time. That is a no-brainer. There’s too much to lose if the Boone dam crumbles. Hasn’t anyone learned anything from the continual death and destruction of the Fukushima catastrophe. Look at the ongoing death of the Pacific Ocean. Pacific Ocean animals are dying by the millions. Brazil has offered to resettle the Japaneese people. Has anyone thought about relocating the American citizens should the Boone dam crumble and blow the numerous nuclear reactors down stream? Redundant systems ensure stability of the entire system.

  2. This is just the East Tennessee Dams.
    All that water is moving to Chattanooga TN.
    As you can see Boone Dam is almost in Virginia.
    Below Boone dam is Fort Patrick Henry dam then below that is Cherokee Dam below that is Fort Loudoun dam below that is Watts Bar dam and below that is Chickamauga dam and below that is Nickajack dam
    Just where is Oak Ridge TN at its between Norris dam and Melton Hill dam.

    This is a truer picture of the Tennessee river system.
    As you can see the Tennessee river began in Virginia and North Carolina and it goes all the way to Ohio river in Kentucky.

    TVA ‘oops’ on flood model
    TVA uses sand baskets as temporary fixes for flawed flooding calculations

    TVA making improvements to East TN dams


  3. UPDATE:
    Gov’t: Erosion is “undermining foundation” of major dam upstream of US nuclear plants — “Extensive network” of seepage paths found — “Water flowing through from multiple sources & multiple directions” — Nuclear plants doing Problem Evaluation Reports on ‘complex and urgent’ situation

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