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Huge fluid movement at Lake FUBAR for over 2 hours starting at 2:30 A.M. – LA12 shows it. It might be this New Guinea 7.2 quakeOR – more likely, this 4.0 quake near Dallas, Texas. MAP

Inst. of Southern Studies Looting Louisiana: How the Jindal administration is helping Big Oil rip off a cash-strapped state

Video – Weeping Willow calls up DNR –

Texas: From Fracking Boom to Water Revolution


May 3 –


NEW MADRID FAULT blog item from 2013

A bunch of stuff from 2013<- includes BP and Texas Brine

A lot of misc. items on all subjects




We found this item on South American lithium and brine and wondered if Texas Brine had an interest in the lithium craze (auto batteries) going on now. We didn’t see Louisiana on the list. Or here. Not that they can’t keep a secret.



8 thoughts on “News (old and new)

  1. Thinking out side of the box.
    The earth is like pressure cooker where on earth is the pressure regulator or you could say safety release valves in the earth ?
    Is this true in the Pacific Ocean is the Ring of Fire like a giant safety valve in the earth.

  2. Here is the three dams above Boone dam, Wilbur dam , Watauga dam and South Holston dam.
    Boone dam is 160 feet high look how high those other dams are.

    This is the Holston river that those dams are on.

    Wilbur Dam
    Wilbur Dam is a concrete gravity overflow dam 77 feet (23 m) high and 375 feet (114 m) long, and has a generating capacity of 10,700 kilowatts
    Completed by November 1911, Wilbur Dam was one of the first major hydroelectric projects in Tennessee, and remains one of the oldest dams in the TVA system.

    Watauga Dam
    Watauga Dam is an earth-and-rock dam 318 feet (97 m) high and 900 feet (270 m) long, and has a generating capacity of 57,600 kilowatts.
    The Watauga project was authorized December 17, 1941, and work on the dam began on February 16, 1942.
    Watauga Dam was completed and its gates opened December 1, 1948. The dam’s first generator went online August 30, 1949, and the second went online September 29, 1949.

    South Holston dam
    South Holston Dam is an earth-and-rock dam 285 feet (87 m) high and 1,600 feet (490 m) long, and has a generating capacity of 38,500 kilowatts.
    Work on South Holston began again in August 4, 1947 South Holston Dam was completed and its gates closed November 20, 1950.

    America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2015.
    Holston river

    • found it ….
      Not only does WordPress toss people into spam bin for NO good reason …. sometimes they drop out them comment box on posts and I have to restart the computer to get it to show!

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