Second Nepal Quake Shakes Lake FUBAR + Chile Warning ++

A 7.3 quake in Nepal shows on the helicorders after 2 a.m. –

LA12 shows it –


USGS Report

Lots of details and maps:
The TelegraphNepal earthquake 7.3 magnitude strikes near Mount Everest – live news of impact

Watch Chile –

Strange Sounds – 770 earthquakes in last 24 hours at Villarrica volcano – Next eruption ahead?
The Villarrica volcano is probably going to erupt in the next days!

Watch West Coast –

The Watchers (May 9) – UC Berkeley scientists begin monitoring tremors on San Andreas Fault

JAPAN – 6.8M Quake in the northeast- ABC report

ENE-News – Powerful M6.8 quake rocks NE Japan — Strongest to hit nation since 2011 — Official warns of upcoming aftershocks & tsunami, says tectonic plate is subducting in Pacific — CBS: Scientists detect month-long shaking on seafloor that could foreshadow mega quake similar to 3/11 (VIDEO)


22 thoughts on “Second Nepal Quake Shakes Lake FUBAR + Chile Warning ++

  1. The Watchers says this quake is 7.5M

    “Seismicity in the Himalaya dominantly results from the continental collision of the India and Eurasia plates, which are converging at a relative rate of 40-50 mm/yr. Northward underthrusting of India beneath Eurasia generates numerous earthquakes and consequently makes this area one of the most seismically hazardous regions on Earth. “

  2. It look like the bottom of that sinkhole drop some more.
    Or there doing some testing there.
    LA-10 bottom borehole

    LA-12 recorder

  3. Really good article on new discovery of mega-thrust earthquake prediction potential. Neat. Sad..but neat.

    Have to apply this to the San Andres which was recently reported to be under observation for small tremors..and also apply the concept to the other earthquake zone areas. If quake tremors..go north..then hit a locked zone..and after a little weaking stress..move east.. It makes a lot of sense. What about the center USA?? LIke the Madras fault?

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