Scary, Scary Methane

Here is a scary video about methane as the sinkhole does its own scary, scary thing.



And … also affecting the atmosphere and everything else in a not nice way at all is Fukushima. Speaking of disasters . . . Gov. Piyush  Jindal is competing with B.P. to be the biggest disaster in the state.
Meanwhile, at Camp Minden [in N.W. Louisiana] – Explo Systems Inc. owners ask state judge to toss charges“Attorney Lyn Lawrence Jr. of Bossier City represents Smith. He said Monday that Louisiana law does not classify the M6 artillery propellant as an explosive.” – that’s why they named the company “EXPLO systems” 🙂

Yellowstone Updated


5 thoughts on “Scary, Scary Methane

  1. The obvious irrational minds that are killing the planet and would continue the geo-engineering and poisoning us with chemtrails should make the masses angry. But, I can attest that people do not want to know about the 6th Extinction Level Event, 200 species are gone from the face of the earth each day and we are following them. One of the best, in your face, blogs in Jonny Menomic’s “Jumping Jack Flash…” he has a clear explanation as to the MISA theory and how it all ties into the volatile movements in the earth. The volcano eruptions, the earthquakes, the dying of the planet from many causes, but especially from the heating of the planet and the increasing release of methane. Scientists have shared their concerns for a massive release of methane in the Arctic that would mean life would be over. These madmen must believe that they have control, but as Dr. Guy McPherson states, “Nature Bats Last”.
    There is no doubt that with the awakening of people to the reality of Fukushima and the questioning of the weather systems, that the lies will not hold. We know that the attendees at the Bilderberg Conference are covering two big issues, the NUCLEAR destruction of the planet and the destruction of the economy. There will be WWIII with NATO and the US setting up missiles in the UK. Whether the target will be Russia or China does not make any difference.

      • This is probably totally irrational, but I see no other solution to these climate, economical, moral and war issues than to find a whole new set of political leaders. It’s the same ole, same ole group repeatedly…. Bushes, Clintons, Bidens, Kennedys, etc etc etc… We need an entire turnover. And young people saying Hell No, We Won’t Go… I do not see any other way. These politicians are all so corrupt.

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