Lake FUBAR Extra Active

Heli_ANILots going on today at Lake FUBAR. Seismic activity, bangs and sloshing and general mayhem.
See newer info –




LA11 and 14 are near that sinking corner of the berms (southeast).


18 thoughts on “Lake FUBAR Extra Active

  1. Since no major earthquakes in other parts of the USA or world..this is all sinkhole. Sloshing, fluid and quake like events are or should be concerning to Texas Brine..but I can tell from the comment of July.its just like the Japanese company running the Fukushima Nuclear Facility which has devistated so many lives..or in other words..Texas Brine = TEPCO.

    • these complications seem to happen a LOT on weekends!
      I think no one is watching monitors on weekends at all.
      Let’s watch LA19 all day and tomorrow ….

  2. Friday early a.m. the micro-set LA21 monitor shows 2 big booms. They must be super big to show so well ….

  3. Ah HA…its a new Jurassic World movie set…..I see possible cartoon potential here..for those that are artistic…

      • I can see it now…Godzilla Rises..out of Bayou Corne Sinkhole..where its eggs are being incubated. Hes determined to destroy the south. Tunnels run out into the GOM to the BP Oil spill crack in earths crust. Good old Godzilla was FROZEN in the methane ice there , which melted due to the BP accident. HES BACK….

        Hows that?

      • and his nemisis is oil eating mutated franken-critters in the sea as big as a house!

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