Weather Watch + News


A big storm is entering the Gulf –

4 weather alerts

Tropical Storm CARLOS Public Advisory < updates


Texas gets a coastal warning – NOAA Advisory

STORM SURGE:  The combination of a storm surge and the tide will
cause normally dry areas near the coast to be flooded by rising
waters.  The water could reach the following heights above ground if
the peak surge occurs at the time of high tide...

Upper Texas coast...2 to 4 feet
Western Louisiana coast...1 to 2 feet

The deepest water will occur along the immediate coast near and to
the right of the landfall location.  Surge-related flooding depends
on the relative timing of the surge and the tidal cycle, and can
vary greatly over short distances. 

WBRZ – Tropical disturbance upgrades to Tropical Storm Bill

Tropical Storm Bill has remained to our west as forecast and as a result, we will see the downturn in thunderstorm coverage, as forecast.

NOAA prediction map-

NOAA Report on TS Bill with maps, radar

WWL Radar


Find more about Weather in Napoleonville, LA
Click for weather forecast


Texas Brine in the news for giving away other people’s things – The AdvocateTexas Brine donates to Habitat for Humanity possessions left by residents who fled sinkhole

WBRZ – LA 70 Bypass considered as sinkhole causes problems

A Brave Heart blog (April 11) – As hydraulic fracturing (fracking) increases- so do indoor levels of radon


25 thoughts on “Weather Watch + News

    • Lots of booms in Virginia.with a clear sky Monday…DAs went wild. New DA is in training, but also alerts well. We do have fun with the ‘DA concept’–but the reason is serious. The reasons..Unexplained earth sounds such as booms and ground shaking which drive the little dogs into alert/emergency status. These DAs do not alert for much, they sleep thru thunderstorms, fireworks. Not its not jet planes breaking a sound barrier either.

  1. The storm has advanced much farther towards Louisiana than your map shows Flyingcuttlefish. I have the same copy that I sent you last night that automatically updates. Did you use a different version? Could TPTB be meddling?

    • LA12 has been a mess!
      And microscopic LA21 really shows big bangs since that’s the only that shows on those settings!

  2. Is Washington state coming apart ?
    Washington 2014 Seismic Hazard Map

    Native American Stories Overview

    Cascadia Subduction Zone

    Juan de Fuca Triple Junctions & Cascade Volcanic Arc _subduction_zone#/media/File:Cascade_Volcanic_Arc.jpg

    The Cascadia subduction zone (also referresd to as the Cascadia fault)

    So is California, Oregon and Washington state the very ground under their feet heating up ?
    And the water along the coast is it heating up ?
    Unlocking the Cascadia Subduction Zone’s secrets: Peering into recent research and findings
    What is California coast shoreline temperature ?

  3. Is Bayou Corne Louisiana highway 70, road began to sink.
    This is a old photo
    That yellow thing with N for North on this photo you can see what look like a river on photo that look like a fault line to me.
    Where that yellow north thing is at, that is very near to OXY 1 cavern and LA-17 record is to the far left of photo.

    This recorders we should began to start looking at LA-17 , LA-10 , LA-21 and LA-14 and OXY-2 cavern as well.

    Why is LA-18 and LA-12 recorders showing so much movement on recorders there the road around the sinkhole is still sinking there.
    They lost one of the roads around the sinkhole there.

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