All About Limnic Eruptions

Geol 105“Limnic eruptions are a rare, but potentially deadly class of natural disaster, in which toxic gases are rapidly expelled from a saturated lake.  The gas, in observed cases was carbon dioxide, which was unevenly distributed in the lake, causing part of the water to be saturated.  Volcanically active regions are particularly prone to this, as a eruptions may leave depressions for lakes to form in.  Once the lake is formed, volcanic gases, such a CO2 or methane can seep into the water, and begin to accumulate in the cooler bottom waters, due to the higher saturation point than that of the warmer water above. . . . “ (more)

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4 thoughts on “All About Limnic Eruptions

  1. All three of the LA-10 recorders are showing movement.
    Something big is happen at the sinkhole it look like the bottom of the sinkhole drop out of it.

    There is a line of storm in or near the swamp sinkhole but the bottom LA-10 recorders would not show that.

    Is the land giving-way where the three sinkholes recorders are at, the LA-10s recorders are they sinking into the sinkhole ?

    If so you need to turn down LA-14 record so people can’t see it happening.

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