New Madrid Fault Rumbles + News


Strange SoundsRare earthquake strikes Canton, Mississippi – Charleston earthquake in sight?


New York TimesOklahoma Court Rules Homeowners Can Sue Oil Companies Over Quakes

The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that homeowners who have sustained injuries or property damage from rampant earthquakes they say are caused by oil and gas operations can sue for damages in state trial courts, rejecting efforts by the industry to block such lawsuits from being decided by juries and judges.

BP reaches $18.7 billion settlement over deadly 2010 spill

13 thoughts on “New Madrid Fault Rumbles + News

  1. I think that Louisiana swamp sinkhole Seismic Tremors are returning.
    Only the people who live there would know.

    M3.8 – 20km NW of Eutaw, Alabama
    depth=5.0 km (3.1 mi)
    2015-06-30 06:44:07 (UTC)

    M2.5 – 11km NNE of Covington, Tennessee
    depth=0.6 km (0.4 mi)
    2015-06-29 19:18:00 (UTC)

    New Madrid, Missouri
    M1.3 – 11km SSW of New Madrid, Missouri
    depth=9.3 km (5.8 mi)
    2015-06-29 15:46:03 (UTC)

    M3.2 – 6km SSW of Canton, Mississipp
    depth=5.0 km (3.1 mi)
    2015-06-29 13:23:01 (UTC

    • Dutchsinse was just talking about the rare Alabama quakes being related to the Michigan activity on his latest video yesterday. He input the earthquake quardinates into google earth. He noticed that the latest Alabama earthquake came from newly repositioned fracking locations. The multiple fracking operations in Alabama were causing a transfer of pressure in Michigan. He showed a current video of Methane shooting out of a lake or small body of water on the west coast of Lake Heron.

      • That is very interesting. The MSM around these Michigan earthquakes keep repeating over and over that these quakes have absolutely nothing to do with fracking as there’s no fracking in the vicinity…a transfer of pressure, huh? Certainly makes sense.

      • Yep, pressure transfered from Alabama, at the Southern edge of the North American craton, to the northern portion.

    • oh – maybe that made the quake at LA12 … but your GA quake is in 2014.
      So this too will not show on USGS quake page.

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