Big Fluid Movement Before Midnight


fluid Lake FUBAR sloshing overnight!

It started late Thursday before midnight and went til after 1 a.m. . But it didn’t slosh at all the locations (!). confused

I sloshed a lot at LA12, 14, 18 and 19. It sloshed a lot at LA10-03, at the bottom but not the mid borehole at 10-02. 10-01 is still broken. LA17-02, the upper borehole sloshed a lot but the bottom one at 17-01 didn’t.

Here’s how it looked:




The AdvocateFirm blames Occidental Petroleum for creating 31-acre sinkhole

[snip] . . . . State scientists and a special panel of worldwide experts have said for more than two years that Texas Brine mined a salt dome cavern too close to the dome’s outer, supporting wall of salt. A breach opened up in that salt wall and allowed surrounding rock to flood into the massive underground cavity carved from the salt deposit, creating the sinkhole in the cypress swamp near Bayou Corne.

Texas Brine now says an oil well drilled in 1986 near that cavern and operated at the time under Occidental Petroleum’s ultimate say was mismanaged and triggered the cavern wall break that sparked the sinkhole.

“Oxy Petroleum’s alleged technical expertise did not deliver superior results,” the suits say, borrowing from some of Occidental Petroleum’s business rhetoric.

“Instead, it delivered the Bayou Corne sinkhole.”

OXY 1 Sonar Survey, 2012



Thanks, Walter for the survey link, 😉


26 thoughts on “Big Fluid Movement Before Midnight

  1. On the Arkansas recorders it did start tell 4:32 UTC time on them that 23:32 CDT time.

    The recorder for
    143B HHZ N4 — : Socs Landing, Pioneer, LA, USA
    It show it started at CDT time at 23:32 time or the UTC time at 4:32.

    The M6.7 – 155km SSW of Dadali, Solomon Islands earthquake took too long to get there.
    Date: 2015-07-10 Time: 04:12:41 (UTC) how deep was it depth=10.0 km (6.2 mi)

    There was one more in the Solomon Islands
    M5.3 – 163km SW of Dadali, Solomon Islands
    Date: 2015-07-10 Time: 04:21:16 (UTC)
    How deep was it depth=10.0 km (6.2 mi)

  2. What I seen on the Helicorder for LA21 EHZ YC — : Bayou Corne LA on July 10, 2015 beginning at 17:57 pm CDT time.
    That for Oxy- Geismar No 1 cavern it look like that cavern is beginning to break up just like what happen to Oxy- Geismar No 3 cavern.
    If so we are on the front row seats watching Oxy- Geismar No 1 beginning to cave-in.
    And if so this sinkhole is going to get a lot bigger.
    This one Oxy No. 1 could make Oxy No. 2 to cave-in as well.

  3. Norris Dam Saltpeter Caves
    I think there was three caves right next to Norris dam.
    This is pictures of number two cave the big cave is much closer to the dam if I remember right.
    In the background of this picture you can see Norris Dam but you’re still very far away from Norris Dam.
    Norris Dam is 1860 feet (570 m) long and 265 feet (81 m) high

    This is a picture of number two cave I think this is number two cave
    This is pictures of number two cave it was very muddy back deep inside of that cave.
    That Tennessee red clay mud it like having on cement shoes on, it hard to walk in it.

    paul at the entrance to norris dam

    Norris Lake History in pictures

    More to come on this.

  4. Tennessee kudzu eating goats in our National Park.
    Goats have special enzymes in their guts that allow them to eat plants that are poisonous to other animals.

    • Thanks el mucho!
      “Maybe unstable”! huh! I got a boat load of art/cartoons telling them it is unstable!

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