Big Oil Grabbing Private Land from Louisianans + News + New Fly Over PHOTOS

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Mixing Oil and Water
An Inside Look at What Happens When Land Sinks and Oil Money is on the line

The state of Louisiana says it has a public duty to seize private land that sinks underwater. Families who have lived off that coastal marshland for 300 years say the state is using oil company research to grab millions of dollars in oil royalties from lands it failed to protect.
(story and video)


Work has to stop at proposed St. Tammany fracking site, parish says

Strategic Petroleum Reserve No Longer Key Part Of US National Security

The U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), once seen as a cornerstone of America’s energy security, is losing its shine in Washington.

“The SPR was established in the aftermath of the 1973-1974 oil embargo, which led to high gasoline prices, fuel rationing, price controls, and long lines at gas stations. The U.S. government decided to stockpile oil in salt caverns in Texas and Louisiana, fuel that could be used in the event of a supply outage. Today, the SPR holds 695 million barrels of oil. . . .
. . . with Congress unwilling to raise the gas tax, they are hunting for other sources of revenue to fund the six-year transportation bill. As a result, they have resorted to raiding the SPR.

LEAN did a new fly-over and took PHOTOS.

Thanks to Walter for the tip. 😉


75 thoughts on “Big Oil Grabbing Private Land from Louisianans + News + New Fly Over PHOTOS

  1. It appears there a whole lot of radiation hitting the US right now. 4 RADCON 4’s and several other sites really elevated…

    • I know that is true …. Mike Davis mentioned how the early products like Flit (insecticide) were from recycled chemical weapons.
      All these modern “products” like Flouride, smoke alarms with Americium, gold clubs weighted with DU are just recycled nuke waste …. poisoning everyone.

  2. There a lot of earthquakes going on near Nikolski, Alaska about 53mi from Nikolski, Alaska
    As you can see everything is find at the sinkhole.

    As you can see everything is find for this recorder in Louisiana as well for
    143B HHZ N4 — : Socs Landing, Pioneer, LA, USA

  3. 6.8L Earthquake has the helicorders hopping. Especially LA10 which seems to be making its OWN 6.8 shakes.

  4. I was looking on facebook for Bayou Come about stray cats and dogs
    If you feed those stray cats your endangering the very people who live in Bayou Come.

    If you feed those cats and dogs there going to be a population explode of cats down there in Bayou Come
    Stray cats if you feed them their going to have litter after litter from spring through fall by the time they are six months of age. One stray cat soon becomes many.
    Stray & Feral Cats

    • That’s recent in my book… considering how few pictures we’ve had in the last 2 years.
      You would think with plans for a detour being debated the newspapers would send someone out.
      There could be something on FaceBook…. try there.

  5. Boone Dam Update
    RAW VIDEO: TVA says it may take 5 to 7 years to fix Boone Dam; cost $200 – $300M
    Published on Jul 30, 2015

    TVA: 5 to 7 years to fix Boone Dam; cost $200-300M

    China three Gorges Dam about injection grout.
    China when they build this dam name Three Gorges Dam they injection grout very deep underground before they poured the first foundation cement for the dam.
    If you like to see this documentary go to youtube or type in this to do a search.
    China’s Mega Dam 2006 Discovery Channel Documentary

  6. BP profits slump, as cheaper oil & spill settlement weigh.
    Energy major BP on Tuesday reported an almost 64 percent drop in its second-quarter profit adjusted for one-time items and inventory changes, to $1.3 billion yoy. This was due to low crude prices and an $18.7 billion charge related to the 2010 oil spill.

  7. I just tried to submitt 2 comments on BP–1 with “http” and 1 without “http.” Neither comment could avoid your SPAM filter.

  8. Email came back as undeliverable. Email was sent to, but returned email tried to open your other email account.

  9. This is LA-12 at the sinkhole this is on July 30, 2015 at 17:00 pm CDT time look at the DC setting on that date it went from a positive to a negative setting on that date.

    This is LA-12 on Aug. 1, 2015 from 12:00 am after midnight to 12:00 noon CDT time the DC setting are still on negative setting.

  10. Hi everyone. I haven’t posted for some time but still visit daily. The flow of information has been well and truly shut down, We used to be able to relate helicorders to ‘burps’ and flyovers and subsidence and reports – now we just guess and even locals have stopped reporting with videos etc.. If the sink hole had no liquid in it what would it look like?

    • I think it has oily water in it. The reason is I recently looked at the newest Emergency Declaration and it had Blue Ribbons doc quoted and a lot to that Blue Ribbons concern was over the aquifer not getting contaminated.

  11. Thanks for the links Walter. That WAFB report is revealing. Boudreaux says that the sinkhole continues to grow and all the channel shows is archive footage. Nothing to see here, move along!

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