Sinkhole Survey Data Available



Assumption Parish Police Jury

The June 2015 Sinkhole Survey is available on the DNR website.

Click here to access the information.

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17 thoughts on “Sinkhole Survey Data Available

  1. Aerial image taken on 2/06/15
    06-26-15 survey notes
    Approximate area of -10.0’ contour = 32.5 acres
    Approximant subsidence area = 27.2 + acres
    Total area = 59.7 + acres

    • Look on the side where those two tanks are at there a small yellow line that has on it 259’
      If you look you will see a orange line and a pink line and a yellow dotted line.
      Is the land moving there ?

      The pink line is 10.0’ contour edge of sinkhole date 06/29/15
      The dotted yellow line is limits of -2.0’ contour primary edge of subsidence date 06/29/15

      • I looked at that on the PDF before I made my graphic.
        Right in that tank area I am surprised the colored lines are so far away. I thought they would be right up to the edge!
        Those roofless evaporation tanks must have very heavy contents in them …. oozy, oily vegetation.

  2. That video of all those trees that went to bottom of that sinkhole that were they went down at right next to cavern 1.
    The land and trees are moving to that sinkhole there.
    You can’t see the tanks for the trees.

  3. Looks like the subsidence is also heading south..given the changes in the outline in yellow dots. And they lightened the yellow subsidence objects from the January 2015 images–looks better on paper?. On the OXY cavern side on the east side of hole..look at the magenta jagged dip on the last cross-section. Is a new hole starting to form???..a small area(new collapse??) is deeper. Its in a similar look to the first event/sink hole massive opening downward/collapse in 2012 and 13..

    • I wish I knew how to do that news-simulation-animation popular on Chinese tv news! Like the Tiger Woods golf club attack video.
      I would make an animation of these maps showing the direction of the changes.
      I bet JPL has fancy computer animations of it.
      I’m really suprised the state hasn’t given new orders to Crosstex to get that butane out of there. If anything happens liability will be on the state for not acting.
      Taxpayers will get stuck with the bill if there any left!

    • In the newer photos it looks like they built a sandbag wall around the tanks … or made a wall taller that was there.

      Also – I notice today LA21 is really booming – huge events showing even on micro-setting ….

  4. Figure this one out on survey map for June 2015 it shows from sinkhole it 259’ feet to those two big tanks.
    Back in March 2014 they had a survey map done of that sinkhole it shows from sinkhole it 231’ feet to those two big tanks.

  5. What does that Stone Mountain Park Confederate Memorial Carving all about in Georgia.
    In carving there showing respect to those who have fallen.
    Rules for Saluting US Flag

    In that carving there in uniform they got there right hand holding there hat over their heart.
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    Confederate Memorial Carving, Stone Mountain, Georgia

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