Poli-Ticks for Dummies + Fox Katrina Special on TV Friday Night

A little bird told us Scott Angelle, former Louisiana Secretary of Dept. of Natural Resources who resigned from the DNR a week after the Bayou Corne sinkhole started is running for Louisiana Governor.

Oh boy! Now all Parishes can enjoy the boom-times Assumption Parish has enjoyed with the help from his department!

Fox News Reporting: Hurricane Katrina: The Storm of a Lifetime” will air this Friday night at 10pm ET/9pm CT.
General Honore will be featured in the show.


Call to restore coast rings hollow

by Len Bahr, Ph.D.
Paying lip service to coastal restoration

Virtually everyone in Louisiana supports serious efforts to save our coast – whatever ‘saving’ means – and it clearly means less and less every day. Support for acting to sustain at least portions of America’s Delta is 100 miles wide – but only inches thick.

Our next governor could very well oversee the point at which the public despairs of ever seeing meaningful restoration projects and begins to ridicule further pie in the sky planning goals. Meanwhile however, rose colored calls to save the coast continue ad nauseum.

As a case in point, on August 13 The Advocate published a guest column on the need to act before it’s too late, by Steve Cochran, with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Kimberly Reyher with the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL). This column is rife with slogans but bereft of substance.

The authors advocate what has already been more or less agreed to – memorializing the tenth anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita by investing Louisiana’s ~$6 Billion coastal windfall from fines against BP to implement coastal restoration projects listed in the state’s Coastal Master Plan. What a novel idea.

This vapid opinion piece dodges or glosses over three ‘M’ factors, each a potential deal breaker in terms of successful coastal restoration: money, mud, and muscle (political willpower). Restoration will never be achieved without resolving each issue. . . . (more)

Note: Dr. Bahr’s blog, LA Coast Post, is added to the sidebar.

Aug. 20 – US Nets $23Mln From Gulf of Mexico Oil, Gas Lease Sale

The US government has sold a set of oil and gas drilling leases for the western region of the Gulf of Mexico for more than $22 million, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) said in a press release.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The leases were auctioned between five offshore energy companies in bids for 33 different parts of the gulf, covering 190,080 acres, the release noted.



Southern Co. to Buy AGL Resources for $8 Billion in Cash
Connections: AGL Resources – Jefferson Island Storage & Hub (natural gas storage caverns) – Lake Peigneur – Delcambre

39 thoughts on “Poli-Ticks for Dummies + Fox Katrina Special on TV Friday Night

  1. Bayou Corne Commemoration Event Tuesday August 18th, 2015

    They got the same photos of the sinkhole back in 2013 no new photos.
    They take better care of the cats then the people.
    Just a community get-together.

    O yes a Documentary film about the Bayou Corne Sinkhole
    Forgotten Bayou Movie sample

    I think there working at the sinkhole today.

    • yes, I understand the get together is a small affair for former residents. I put the face book link to the movie (Forgotten Bayou) on the sidebar so people can keep up with that.

      Luckily we have lots of recent info here and eveybody who cares already knows about the Bugle.
      I just am afraid after watching the port at Tianjin, China blow up, people understand how important the port of N.O. is to the country and how important it is to insure it is safe from a similar fate.
      FC blog covering that China story.
      Blast would be even bigger if the butane cavern gets breached and air gets in.

  2. Looks like Danny won’t be geoengineered out of existance as I’ve seen done on the HAARP Report.
    Animated Atlantic Satellite Map.
    Tropical Storm Danny : Tracking Map.
    Tropical Storm DANNY

    • I just sent an animated, infrared satellite map of hurricane Danny, which I don’t see. Presently looks like hurricane Danny will be just under hurricane strength by the time it hits the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

      • following it on NOAA hurricane page …
        by the way, this weekend if everybody backs up into the spam bin and I am off line it is because power is out here (due to storm) or the internet is out.
        We get that during a big blow.

  3. A little update about Center Hill dam, it’s similar to Boone Dam issues
    Center Hill dam is 260 feet high with 8 gates built in 1948 near Nashville
    Boone Dam is 160 feet high with 5 gates build and completed and its gates closed December 16, 1952 near Sullivan County and Washington County.

    Boone Dam Investigation and Analysis Summary July 30, 2015

    Norris Dam release 2009 a little water going over dam.
    You got to be there to feel the force of that water spilling over the dam.
    Norris Dam is 265 feet high I think it got 3 flood gates it was completed and the gates closed on March 4, 1936

    Fontana Dam 2 Spillway Water Release July 5, 2013
    Fontana Dam is 480 feet high

    • I feel less alarmed about Boone dam as that guy said in the last vid I put up there the area has lots of valleys and low areas where potential flood water could collect without causing a giant Red Sea disaster movie tidal wave. His vis had lots of maps etc.

      So if Boone dam should suddenly fail water would not rush so many miles away as thought at first.

  4. Well and well they found it on facebook
    They did not find those pictures On Wings of Care or Video.
    They found it on Youtube they don’t know anything about all that steam coming from the ground i think it could be coming from OXY 2.

    Bayou Corne Flyovers #17 and #18 — 2015 July-August

    They don’t know anything about Lean flight photos taken on Jan. 19, 2015
    There just now finding out about the west berm extension the old west berm road is under water.

    Bayou Corne Sinkhole facebook

      • The person who run that web site.

        Bayou Corne Sinkhole
        Message to residents and supporters of the Bayou Corne community from OnWingsOfCare.org
        Bayou Corne Flyovers #17 and #18 — 2015 July-August
        2015 July 27 and August 01
        Bayou Corne, Louisiana
        While we have made several flyovers of the infamous and tragic Bayou Corne sinkhole in the past year, we have not reported or shared publicly our videos and photos since 2014.
        It had begun to feel as though continuing to document this tragedy would not be helpful to those homeowners who are still struggling to regroup and find new homes, communities, and lives. But we would like now to share recent photos and videos, for the sake of public awareness and for those former residents who appreciate aerial views of the beautiful place they once called home.

  5. One of the first and few songs I learned to play on guitar. They always asked me, you like that song don’t you. I said it is not a song this is a prophecy! 🙂 that was 45 years ago. For the benefit of cuttlefish as he lives just across the Gulf from me!

    • I had two good friend that went to Vietnam i went to Germany.
      One was at LZ Stinson and at FSB Maryann in 1971 when they got over run.

      And other friend was at Chu Lai

      I remember LZ My Lai the My Lai Massacre
      And i remember that movie We Were Soldiers at Ia Drang Valley the landing zone was LZ X-Ray.

      On youtube
      VIETNAM – Battle of “Ia Drang” REAL battle that inspired the movie We Were Soldiers
      Battle of Hamburger Hill – Hill 937.

      I remember some songs
      The Ventures – Wipe Out, Pipeline, (Ghost) Riders In The Sky, the Ventures did lot of TV Theme songs.

      The Chantays
      Groovy Grubworm
      Hot Butter Popcorn
      Sons of the Pioneers — Ghost Riders In the Sky, Cool Water, Old Man Atom

      I could go on but i like this cool water on youtube

    • I just wanted you to know the song Old Man Atom is a anti-nuclear song back in the late 40’s I think The Sons Of The Pioneers did it best.

      I think you well like this
      The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  6. Yes, thank you for those, Walter. They all were great. I’d never heard of Old Man Atom before. It’s sad and scary that people in power are so afraid of songs of peace.

  7. Movie Sister Kenny I watch this on Turner Classic movies I could not find the movie on Youtube.
    Elizabeth Kenny, as a young nurse out in the Australian bush discovers an effective treatment for polio, but can’t get official recognition or sanction for her techniques and theories.
    Were doctor back then just trying to sell leg braces and body braces back then.
    Sister Kenny was to Re-Educate The Muscles so those people who had polio could walk without leg-braces.

    Sister Kenny (1946) — (Movie Clips
    This movie clip where she learn how to re-educate the muscles
    Name Sister Kenny (1946) — (Movie Clip) Symptoms Presenting Themselves.

    I wore a back braces when I was young from my shoulder to my hips for scoliosis back then the frame of the brace was made out of steel.

    • back in those days some kids had to go into an iron lung … but nowadays I think they use a different therapy. Kids today don’t know what that is.

      • That iron lung was that like the atmosphere on earth before the flood ?

        What was the Pre-Flood Atmosphere like, look it up on Youtube.

        What was the Pre-Flood Canopy like ?
        What about the Hyperbaric Biosphere Experiments.
        Or hyperbaric oxygen use to day
        Or Pre-Flood Canopy

  8. On facebook there just now showing the Depth, Area, Volume Calculations map for 2/06/15.
    Approxmate Area of highest point is 10 feet deep 10 feet and deeper around the sinkhole = 32.5 acres
    Approxmate Subsidence Area = 27.2 you could say 2 feet to 10 feet deep around sink hole.
    One comment

  9. I seen this little quake near Summerville, South Carolina.

    Aug 31, 1886 Earthquake shakes Charleston, South Carolina magnitude of about 7.6

    The earthquake was preceded by foreshocks felt in Summerville, South Carolina, on August 27 and 28 but, still, no one was prepared for the strength of the August 31 quake. At 9:51 p.m.

    M2.1 – 3km SSE of Centerville, South Carolina
    2015-08-24 03:23:49 (UTC)
    1km (1mi) E of Summerville, South Carolina
    depth=4.3 km (2.7 mi)

  10. On the LA-21 recorder LA-21 is for cavern one.
    This started at 9:28 pm CDT time.

    it went on tell 15:00 pm CDT what were they doing.

    I don’t see this on the other recorder.

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