Like the sands in an hourglass . . . .

[ title is voice from that soap opera …;) ]

PLUS they are trying to put any sort of setting on those numbers on the right side of the helicorder charts!


LA-17s are thumping . . .


LA19_8272015 washmachSM


oxy_helis_Map | stability


Quake in Tennessee –


Yellowstone Updated


4 thoughts on “Like the sands in an hourglass . . . .

  1. A three hour tour one of the building in the Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge TN.

    Manhattan Project Resources
    Building 9731 was the first building completed at Y-12 and was the “Pilot Plant” for the Calutron electromagnetic separation of uranium.

    They’re not going to take up the Dragon’s teeth that are security barriers outside Building 9731

    The cleanup goes on
    Mystery ‘irritant’ investigated at historic Y-12 facility
    Mystery ‘irritant’ surfaces again at Y-12

    Building 9731 sole remaining Alpha Calutron magnets (three of them) that made up two calutrons. They will also see two Beta Calutrons and three Beta Calutron magnets. A special video series, “Our Hidden Past,” is being featured that tells the history of Building 9731 and these special experimental calutrons. Copies of the DVD will be available to tour participants.

    Y-12 National Security Complex on line Videos

    • I am having a hard time finding much of anything on The Bulk Shielding Reactor and Tower Shielding Facility in Oak Ridge TN.

      In 1960s, NASA recycled the Lab’s Tower Shielding Facility in Oak Ridge TN
      The research was about Earth’s Van Allen radiation belts and the Sun’s radiation for astronaut shielding for the Apollo crews to go to the moon.

  2. Is anyone posting fukushima webcam info in volume anywhere? Am still posting on the ENENEWS just using reply. Best to keep the info in one place. I worry about ADMIN, Grant has not picked up his paypal deposit that I can tell, he usually says thanks! Think he got in trouble because of the website??

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