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The Advocate Assumption jurors say no to sinkhole discharge into Grand Bayou, citing environmental concerns, but state officials worried about catastrophic levee failure

“. . . . Tom Killeen, DEQ Inspection Division administrator, described the implications of a catastrophic levee failure: As much as 150 million gallons of sinkhole water — possibly mixed with saltier water from the sinkhole’s depths — would rush into the swamp if a breach allowed up to 3 feet of water to flow out.

The primary bowl of the sinkhole is about 31 acres, but the series of containment levees cut through the swamps south of La. 70 contain a total of 117 acres, Texas Brine has said. . .  “

story + map –

 “In the June 3 letter to DEQ, Martin, the Texas Brine vice president, raised reusing sinkhole water for salt dome mining but wrote then the company was talking with an unnamed customer about the water’s suitability.”

“Police Jury President Martin “Marty” Triche told Killeen jurors favored Texas Brine finding another method of disposing of the water, such as through a pipeline to injection wells, instead of discharging into the bayous with monitoring but no treatment.”

The more recent sinkhole photos from On Wings of Care show the area much better than graphics used by many media outlets.



Lots of fluid movement at 6 a.m. at LA-12.

Heads up, residents who were in court over Texas Brine –
The Advocate[East Baton Rouge]Fired Baton Rouge Parish Attorney Mary Roper issued misdemeanor summons

“The investigators discovered three email accounts belonging to attorneys for the Parish Attorney’s Office that were illegally accessed more than 40 times, he said. Detectives determined the illegal access originated from a home IP address belonging to Roper.

Investigators also uncovered evidence indicating use of Roper’s personal computer to illegally access the Parish Attorney’s Office email system through a proxy service designed to mask the user’s actions and location, Manale said.”

She can probably get a job with Hillary Clinton!  smile2

Big solar storm today – The Watchers

Enemy of Standard Oil and still vilified, Huey Long died 80 years ago.

“Under the principle of the separation of church and state it is not legal to provide funding to Catholic schools. Louisiana had in Huey Long’s and still has many Catholic schools where Catholic parents preferred to send their children. Huey long came up with the simple but brilliant ploy of providing textbooks to children rather than to their schools. This enable the state government to subsidize both public and parochial education. Many people, even political opponents of Long supported this program.

Long however wanted to impose the cost of the textbook program upon the petroleum companies like Standard Oil. This measure was not supported by many in the state legislature.”

They were never investigated for ordering his assassination but they had the means, the motive and the opportunity to do the deed.  Today reports on (enemy of oil companies) Hugo Chavez with the same spirit as the dictator description given to (enemy of oil companies) Long.

Mining Awareness blog has more on populist enemy-of-Standard-Oil, Huey Long.

The Advocate – [Baton Rouge area] Monitoring saltwater intrusion is costly, but Ground Water Commission now must decide who will pay
Money needed to drill scavenger wells for saltwater information

MEXICO – quakes and volcanoes going off. See COMMENTS for details.


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  1. And on that web site is a Map of sinkhole in Brown is the New Containment road around the sinkhole.
    And if you look at that Map you will see it in White that the Old Containment road around the sinkhole late 2013 map.
    There a lot of that old containment road in white that under water now.

    On a lot of flyover photos there just showing the old containment road and saying it was taken in 2015.

  2. That was a good find on the textbooks. I hadn’t thought about the difference in textbooks being bought for the schools vs. the students. I had always assumed he bought them for the schools. Thanks for reminding everyone of Huey Long. I don’t think he’s getting enough credit now. He wanted blacks and whites to vote and get educations; he campaigned for the first woman Senator. I don’t know if he was right on the environment, but back then the land was pristine, so he probably wouldn’t have known there was an environmental problem in the making. His reaching across the Catholic -protestant divide, especially the Catholic -Baptist one was an even more unique stance for his time and place. I loved his speech explaining how it made no sense to make the poor pay for old age pensions. And, he wanted to tax corporations and the upper, upper classes and not the upper middle class or poor. Sanders is about as close as it will get for now. I think that if Huey had become president there would have been no nuclear, because he was against imperialist war, and he knew how the bankers operated, didn’t like them, and would have cut the finances and weapons out from under Hitler.

  3. Even The Nation is dissing Long. Couglin went fascist after Huey’s death from what I read. Huey spoke against Hitler and for black and women’s rights. I’m sure Huey knew that Rockefeller was a Baptist like himself! The Nation’s article is actually worse than Time.

  4. TO: miningawareness

    Here it is in a nutshell.

    The race to build the bomb
    Separate uranium-235 from uranium-238 in WW-2 for the bomb.
    There was only three or four way to separate uranium at that time.

    Y-12 separated uranium using an electromagnetic process.
    Electromagnetic separation method was the most developed of the potential ways to produce fissile material at the start of the Manhattan Project.

    S-50 liquid thermal diffusion plant, did not pan out but it did provided the necessary steam for K-25.

    And the K-25 Gaseous Diffusion Process Building

    There was one more way to separate uranium-235 from uranium-238 at that time that was gas centrifuge technology.
    This was way too far ahead of its time to work in WW-2.

    The greatest challenge was to developing an effective barrier material for K-25.
    Columbia University’s SAM Labs, Kellex, and Union Carbide all pursued major programs addressing this very difficult problem, and all contributed to its final solution.

    With all three of this plants working night and day it work in WW-2 for Little boy.

    X-10 plant was a Research Laboratory in Oak Ridge TN.
    X-10 Graphite Reactor made small amount of plutonium in WW-2 some of the first samples of plutonium.
    It did produce valuable samples of plutonium for the scientists at Los Alamos designing the bombs for Fat Man.
    The X-10 Graphite Reactor or “Clinton Pile” was a pilot plant for the full-scale plutonium production reactors that were being built at Hanford.

    THE FIRST ATOMIC BOMBS: “Little Boy”and “Fat Man”
    There were actually two new bombs, one using uranium, the other plutonium, with different triggering devices for each.

    • Walter, that comment went into a black hole for about 24 hours and just now showed up in the spam bin along with the duplicates.
      I think that is more than a tech issue. It never happened before. I have been checking spam bin often since you first posted you had a lost message for MA here.
      Now I am getting paranoid.

      • Maybe because of Iran they thought it suspicious? Iran has been educating people in these things in Canada for decades. Some of the Manhattan project was at U of Montreal and alpha rad discovered by Rutherford at Mc
        Gill U.

    • Thanks again! That really was complicated and amazing they did it so fast. And so many jobs. No wonder they wanted to keep it going.”Begun in June 1943 and completed in early 1945 at a cost of $500 million, the K-25 plant employed 12,000 workers. The U-shaped K-25 building measured half a mile by 1,000 feet and is larger than the Pentagon. Construction began before completion of the design for the process. Due to construction needs at K-25 and elsewhere on the reservation, the town of Oak Ridge, originally designed for 13,000 people, grew to 50,000 by summer 1944. ” And there were more jobs elsewhere.

  5. Earthquakes at Topolobampo, Mexico

    M4.9 – 55km SSW of Topolobampo, Mexico
    2015-09-13 07:40:40 (UTC) depth=10.0 km (6.2 mi)

    M5.3 – 56km SSW of Topolobampo, Mexico
    2015-09-13 07:57:40 (UTC) depth=20.8 km (12.9 mi)

    M6.6 – 59km SSW of Topolobampo, Mexico
    2015-09-13 08:14:12 (UTC) depth=10.0 km (6.2 mi)

    M5.2 – 45km SW of Topolobampo, Mexico
    2015-09-13 08:27:17 (UTC) depth=10.0 km (6.2 mi)

    The LA-10 surface and mid bore hole and bottom borehole are not working.
    LA-21 very little on the recorder.
    LA17 EHZ YC 01 : Bayou Corne Well 3, 284m, LA I don’t see it
    The other records yes big time.

  6. I thought this was less busy than flying cuttlefish but maybe not. I posted two more Huey Log things yesterday. But, can you please pass the word on to those who would be concerned about this Draft Polar Bear Plan at Fisheries and Wildlife Service? There is NO mention of the impact of radiation on polar bears or the ice. Polar bears have some thyroid problems and they blame plastic bags! It’s a good chance to ask that they research the radiation impact on ice and bears. Comment on Draft Polar Bear Conservation Management Plan until 19 Sept. 2015 11.59 pm!documentDetail;D=FWS-R7-ES-2014-0060-0001 (That’s next Saturday, which is not normal, but that’s what it says.) Draft plan.

  7. Anyone out there that works for Union Oil and Standard Oil I need some history from this Companies in WW-2 it was top secret at that time and this companies were at Camp Santa Anita, Calif. training and Dutch officers from the Dutch East Indies were training as well and Army Engineer Refinery Battalions.
    They were under order from MacArthur.
    My old company I was in.

  8. I been watching LA-14 cavern for a week now I don’t know what going on inside that cavern.
    It’s not showing up on other sinkhole recorders.

    • It looks like in last 2 days or so they made the numbers on the helicorders change a lot making them micro-sensors and hard to read! I don’t think that is to collect more data but to obscure the data!

      • Here what could be what happened in that cavern no. 2 that OXY-2.
        hot Salt Water vs. cold Fresh Water ?
        Cold Water Sinks, Warm Water Rises ?

      • Something Big did happen at the sinkhole PM hour Sep 15, 2015.
        This is surface recorder for the sinkhole LA-10
        look at the setting for this recorder it would take a lot of shaking to make this recorder to work.

      • I finally got it posted … thanks! And they turned everything OFF right after.
        I guess they didn’t like us complaining about changing the settings on the monitors to Ant-Man style!

  9. Did you get this? WordPress says duplicate but it crashed and I don’t see it at all. Thanks so much on the Sierra Club! That is good news. They will ask regarding considering radionuclide-radiation impact I hope? More radioactive iodine in the ice than the water according to one article but then another says that freezing makes it vaporize. It also exists in 3 phases – vapor, solid and liquid at room temp and pressure. The iodine makes some sort of nanoparticles which create cloud cover which can make warming or cooling. It is a strong oxidizer as well as doing radiolysis and an acid so makes acid ocean. Krypton also makes climate change as a greenhouse gas precursor and other things. If the radioactive iodine is vapor then all of the animals inhale it. These are all official mostly peer reviewed articles. Savannah River site also did a study which states iodine 129 is a major hazard which should be further evaluated. Another SRS doc was about keeping it from floating off (along with carbon 14) so it sounds like it is going to the air constantly at all time and about half of Sellafield and La Hague emissions ends in the arctic, says one study, and I think really half of everything from the northern hemisphere goes there to the Arctic as a “sink”. Radioactive iodine 129 has a half life of 15.7 million years. Even the extra 131 with a half-life of 8 days would have a chemical impact. That’s just those! I know Yoichi and Dana have argued this for a long time but to have the official articles helps. This is especially so since if I link to Yoichi I will get called false names
    just like Huey did. Most of what Yoichi says is accurate but other things on the web site are things I’ve fought all my life. I really like what Sanders said at Liberty U. He said that they may not agree with him on some points but there are others where they can work together! I also don’t agree with Sanders on all but he’s been consistently anti-nuclear and has clean hands from the really bad donations. If we are all dead from the nuclear the rest doesn’t really matter.

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