They Turned the Helicorders OFF After 2 Big Events at Lake FUBAR This Morning <UPDATED with Chile Quake

What the heck??  Heli_ANI

LA-11 shows the 2 big seismic events at 9 a.m. and after 11 a.m this morning. The each lasted over half an hour.





Two 3.7 quakes in Sun City, Kansas – [1], [2].


At 5:54 p.m. CST there was a big quake off the coast of Chile – 7.9M. 8.3 Report & MAP.

Then the helicorders came back on (sometime after 7:40 p.m. EST) showing bells ringing after this mega-quake in Chile.

CBS – Massive Earthquake Rocks Chile; Tsunami Alert Issued For Hawaii



56 thoughts on “They Turned the Helicorders OFF After 2 Big Events at Lake FUBAR This Morning <UPDATED with Chile Quake

    • 76km WSW of Illapel, Chile
      2015-09-16 23:38:05 UTC35.0 km
      111km NW of Talkeetna, Alaska
      2015-09-16 23:31:33 UTC0.3 km
      25km W of Illapel, Chile
      2015-09-16 23:18:42 UTC31.1 km
      70km W of Illapel, Chile
      2015-09-16 23:16:05 UTC10.0 km
      44km WSW of Illapel, Chile
      2015-09-16 23:03:56 UTC10.0 km
      71km W of Illapel, Chile
      2015-09-16 22:59:17 UTC47.8 km
      54km W of Illapel, Chile
      2015-09-16 22:54:32 UTC25.0 km
      Just received another earthquake warning from USGS.

    • CERN is scheduled for a full power run on Wednesday Switzerland time. The last CERN was successful at a high power run appears to have caused the large Nepal earthquake. Can we expect another large earthquake Tuesday evening into Wednesday if CERN succeeds at full power?
      Search “ruptly chili earthquake” for more videos.
      Watch “Chile Earthquake: Aerial shots of destructive aftermath of tsunami” on YouTube

    • at 11 pm – LA-12 has another big shake. Probable Chile aftershock.
      On the lower right sidebar is a live list of quakes and ‘The Watchers’ feed has updated news stories. They usually have good maps in their news.

  1. It look like they turn off LA-21 earthquake recorder.
    I don’t think it broke I think they turn it off.
    I think the recorder is in OXY-1 cavern that the one that look like a big mushroom underground.
    They read it from LA-14 pad that OXY-2 cavern.

    OXY-1 cavern


  2. This weekend helicorders are in stuck washing machine mode — ka-thunk, ka-thunk, ka-thunk!
    I think they are self generated quakes …. although aftershocks in Chile continue.

  3. At Forgotten Bayou facebook page.
    I like what their saying about removing just a little bit water from that sinkhole
    There pictures for the sinkhole are still back in 2013 but there saying there 2015.
    There saying that sinkhole is 32.5 acre now that for 10 feet and deeper around sinkhole.
    Why don’t they do a flyover and let us see those pictures and not show pictures from 2002 and 2003 and put 2005 on them.

    • If they wanted to – they could use those giant evaporation tanks. Only water would evaporate and the gunk would stay in the tank.

      • There wanting to pump water out of that sinkhole into the bayous.
        Can that salted water from the sinkhole be put on road to de-ice them up north.

      • I should think so! They always try and get polluted NORM contaminated water to use on roads without the public noticing.

  4. Because I put about everything Lake FUBAR related on this blog …. here goes:
    A Toxic Tsunami Bomb Will Be Generated In The Gulf Of Mexico, Activated Artificially, Sent Towards Louisiana, West Texas Coast, Mississippi, Alabama, And The Florida Pan Handle.

    It is here in comments and not in the news part because the article doesn’t have any sources for saying bombs are all around.

  5. On facebook: Bayou Corne Sinkhole Community
    Bacteria that can destroy

    Bayou Corne Sinkhole
    September 10 at 8:09am
    At the meeting where we discussed this, we were not told anything about bacteria being in the sinkhole waters that could destroy machinery, so the question HAS to be, what will that bacteria do to our bayous and the inhabitants?
    This is bad.

  6. I like what they’re doing at Forgotten Bayou web site
    Look at this picture of the sinkhole there saying it was taken on April 2015
    They say: Sinkhole as seen from our Cessna, note the oils sheen.
    No that photo was taken in 2013 the road around the sinkhole is not complete.

    There working at the sinkhole today I hope they fix some of the helcorders around the sinkhole today.

  7. I know this is way off the wall but I just need to know what the true name of this film is and date and year of this film.
    Anyone like to try and find the true name of this old movie film

    This is about Roach/MGM silent’s film from (1927–1929)
    I don’t think it any of the “The Roach/Pathé silents from (1922–1928)”

    Here is the video I watch.
    I was watching this on youtube it’s not a very good video and not all there.
    Comedy – The Little Rascals – The Little Tramps
    Alfalfa and Pete, riding beneath a Freight-train, drill their way through to a feast of Jelly-beans.

    That Alfalfa I think I got the name wrong it was Allen Clayton Hoskins as Farina he portrayed as both a boy and a girl, sometimes both genders in the same films.

    The name of that film is not “The Little Tramps”.
    I need to find out when this movie film came out and what is the true name of that silent film.
    Here is a listing of all those film The Roach/Pathé silents and Roach/MGM silent’s and talkies films.

      • I am getting closer I got it down to The Roach MGM Silent films in 1929.

        Our Gang (The Little Rascals) Films
        (“Our Gang” Comedies were produced from 1922 until 1944.)

        I got too much to do for Thursday I well get back to searching on Friday or Saturday.

      • Well guess what someone E-mail me and told me the name of that silent film I do think them for that.
        It was listed under “The Roach MGM Silent film number 85. name “Fast Freight” and was made in (1929).
        I like that sound bites from that web site that says “Remarkable” that child was just a baby at that time.

        A lot of The Roach MGM Silent’s film in red are lost films.
        I hope they find those lost film reels.
        They talk about those lost films here in red “A What Up” in those old lost film reel’s here.

        And here it is a very good Video of it
        Our Gang-Fast Freight (1929) Film #85 is a silent film.

      • I was accidentally looking up a Brit – Arther Rank (not Roach) who didn’t do the Our Gang movies.

  8. Watching the rain in SC, is anyone else seeing the lines of the rain clouds and thinking they look amazingly straight for storm clouds? They look so much like the chemtrail kinds of storm clouds, several straight lines parallel to each other. But why in SC? There is so much nuclear waste being stored there. Those poor people!!

  9. [computer problems all day here]
    what about all this S.C. flooding. Will it head out to sea
    or will some of the water go to rivers that go to
    Louisiana? I think there’s mountains in the way.
    I have to look at those flood stage maps on the right sidebar.

    • I’m just happy to see you’re still alive and didn’t get eaten by the iguana:-) Yes, Walter what are your thoughts about the Savannah River Site and all the flooding in Aiken? Do you think it will impact the nuclear waste site?

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