>4 M Frack-Quake in OK – New Madrid Zone


Mary Greeley Reports it was a 5M quake that was quickly downgraded by USGS –

LINK –  http://youtu.be/2xo50C2sjO0

USGS Report + MAP

9 thoughts on “>4 M Frack-Quake in OK – New Madrid Zone

  1. Here is the post about Waterford in New Orleans. It’s mostly to give information which can be used by anyone within 50 miles of Waterford (Killona LA) who wants to petition for a public hearing. It gives some technical information, then about New Orleans, then more technical info. There is also a link so people can see if they are in the 50 miles. There was a study called Chernobyl on the Hudson that said there can be deaths in the short-term (I think 6 to 8 weeks) from a nuclear accident 60 miles away. I think all of greater NOLA is in the 50 mile fallout range. Probably Baton Rouge too. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2015/10/11/unidentified-problem-impacting-nuclear-reactor-control-rod-insert-speed-change-the-rules-hide-info-under-guise-of-proprietary-rts-until-nov-9th-to-file-request-for-public-hearing-petition-to-inte/ I had to work backwards on this by knowing that the NRC would be up to no good, as usual.

    Just read that the area around Waterford sunk 9 inches during its construction. I guess no surprises there but it’s always shocking to read.

  2. There’s other stuff at Waterford too. I think for at least 2 years their backup generators failed. Areva’s “SAFER” airport for disaster is Hammond! I have another incomplete post on it.
    Since Abe has inflammatory bowel syndrome (which actually was documented pre-Fukushima) I guess what ails him maybe be the same as Toshiba. I don’t know anymore. But, unless Sanders gets in there seems little hope. I don’t agree with him on everything but at least he is concerned about the nuclear.

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