A Fissure Off Oregon?

More Methane Bubbles Up off Oregon and Washington Coasts

Due to rising sea temperatures below surface, more methane bubbles up off Oregon and Washington coasts. Scientists explained that the warming now affects depths where frozen pockets of the gas can morph into a powerful source of greenhouse gas.

Is the frozen giant lake of gas under the Gulf of Mexico that is bubbling up in Lake FUBAR also a concern?


25 thoughts on “A Fissure Off Oregon?

  1. Look at the LA-10 mid borehole recorder
    LA10 EHZ YC 02 : Bayou Corne, LA mid borehole
    10/16/2015 (12)

    X502 HHZ NM 00 : Temporary, AR
    10/16/2015 (12)

    M3.4 – 14km NNW of Doniphan, Missouri
    2015-10-16 20:26:07 (UTC)
    2015-10-16 16:26:07 (UTC-04:00) in your timezone
    depth=17.6 km (10.9 mi)

    M3.2 – 13km N of Doniphan, Missouri
    2015-10-16 20:50:20 (UTC)
    2015-10-16 16:50:20 (UTC-04:00) in your timezone
    depth=14.3 km (8.9 mi)

  2. 3 big booms in the small hours at LA17 –

    and LA-19 is plain drunk. Probably a malfunction of some sort.
    No repairs in all this time for the broken helis at LA 10 and LA 21.

  3. I found some more on my Uncle

    Oak Ridge TN made tools and a lot more for the space program back then.
    For one the Y-12 moon boxes.

    My uncle on my mother side about training in space Otto Trout Jr.
    Otto Trout suggested as early as 1963 that zero-gravity activities could be simulated by immersing astronauts in a large tank of water. Years later, Marshall Space Flight Center turned Trout’s abortive idea into a major component of NASA’s astronaut training program.

    Video on Youtube
    Water Immersion Technique of a Pressure-Suited Subject Under Balanced Gravity Conditions
    1964. Research was conducted at NASA Langley Research Center

    A personal history of underwater neutral buoyancy simulation

    Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory | NASA
    Why spacewalk training is done under water

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