Reckless Nuke Waste Handlers Now Sending Radioactive Plume to Las Vegas Have a Site Next to Baton Rouge < UPDATED

Open trench nuke dumpers, US Ecology have a location at 6735 Airline Highway, Baton Rouge.
ENE-News: “Nuclear fire” erupts at radioactive facility near major US city — Footage shows underground explosions, massive smoke plumes — AP: “Unknown amount of radioactive waste burned” — EPA sends emergency radiological team — Residents: “We were flat out lied to… Why didn’t they evacuate the town?” (VIDEO)



  • Reckless nuke waste handlers, US Ecology sites MAP




They can’t even put water on the fire because it will cause more explosions. Good thing the dump is in a dry, dry desert and not swampy, bayou-infused land next to Baton Rouge! Imagine an explosion and chain-reaction fire there! Talk about water hitting the barely-buried drums!

There’s a big underground fire approaching a nuke dump next to St. Louis going on now too! Do you see it in the news? No!


Oh, and there’s not a common occurrence of heavy torrents of rain around swampy Baton Rouge is there?

ENE-News – EPA data shows radiation spike in major US city soon after explosions at nuclear waste facility nearby — AP: Drums of buried waste were blasted over site’s fence; Large crater reported — Emergency Official: US gov’t brought in “resources I’ve never even seen before, it was amazing” (VIDEO)

Residents in St Louis dying in record numbers from World War II radioactive waste

“By the mid 1940s, Mallinckrodt Chemical Works had run out of space to store the radioactive waste left behind, so in 1946 they began to ship the leftovers to a relatively underpopulated area north of St Louis, next to a creek by the name of Coldwater. It was here that approximately 250,000 barrels of radioactive material were dumped in shallow pits and exposed to the elements. . . . “
” . . . concerns disappeared after the Government and Mallinckrodt said the wastes were ‘not radioactive or otherwise dangerous’. “


10 thoughts on “Reckless Nuke Waste Handlers Now Sending Radioactive Plume to Las Vegas Have a Site Next to Baton Rouge < UPDATED

  1. This illnesses is as I had figured. There may not be much left of the radionuclides to get into the air when the fire reaches there – though who knows? Maybe enough is left . A fire expert said hurry up and do something about it. They did not recommend water because of the radionuclides spreading . I think he recommended a dirt barricade that Republic promised to do several years ago but hadn’t. That sounds a very wet area and after 50 years of wet and with them burning off the methane a lot has gone. I figure a lot, or at least some, made it into people’s drinking water, e.g. City of New Orleans. If the burial was really illegal it may be the illegal burning and burial which was exposed by a Baton Rouge reporter in 1991. Then there were Congressional hearings. I want to put the hearings up online bit by bit. Martin Marietta, now Lockheed Martin (merchants of death), was involved in sending the waste from Oak Ridge and elsewhere all over the country and also illegally burning it. I think there were 70 sites. It was illegally burned – probably unfiltered – at Rollins in N. Baton Rouge. Do you recall that? I think I still looked at newspapers in 1991 and I don’t recall it. I wonder if I forgot. I knew that reactors leaked but never had a clue that it was legal! How I found the problem with the coffins is that I was looking for info on the above ground burials in New Orleans – due to the high water table. I thought that is relevant. They couldn’t bury bodies because of high water table, they floated. Some may be tradition though since Haiti does it. Hey, do you know about the tunnel under the Mississippi near the ITM building? They could have filled that up with rad waste. There was rumor that rad waste was put in the concrete under Canal Place. I think Carlos Marcello was still alive then. On the dead bodies, I just read that the caskets must be vented to keep gas pressure from building up from the anaerobic bacteria. Sounds like low level and transuranic mixed waste. When I first went into a church in Venice I refused to go into any more. I only realized years later when I REALLY wanted to visit all of the churches that it was because of the smell of dead bodies. Some of the churches with above ground tombs smell in Venice. Maybe it’s just dead rats…. I’m supposed to be working on “Value of Statistical Life” – comment deadline Nov. 3rd.

    • on Congressional hearings…. a good place to post them would be on — you can put in good search tags and they will be easy to find on the web by researchers.
      And easy for you to find later when you need too.
      I put interesting nuke docs I find there.

      • Thanks. I don’t like Scribed because it doesn’t allow downloading much of the time. In fact, it’s a source of annoyance for me. But, you are probably right for storage. The big problem is that it’s only at Hathi Trust and I can’t download from there. I DID figure out how to cut and paste from Hathi though. I also am looking for easy and interesting filler so that I could celebrate some holidays for the first time in years. Or, if something goes wrong like power outages, illness, etc. It’s really interesting. Some days my mind is just tired, too.

      • some info on Shellafield NPP rad waste discharge into the sea

        interview starts 15 min. in ….

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