Post-Patricia Rain Hits Louisiana – Flood ALERT

Earlier report (from The Watchers) seems wrong.

In Hurricane Patricia’s wake, torrential rains move into Louisiana

Torrential rainstorms battered Louisiana on Sunday, leaving thousands without power, after pounding southeastern Texas as the remnants of Hurricane Patricia converged with a second storm.

The heaviest band of rain moved over the Gulf of Mexico, triggering coastal flood warnings and flash flood watches in southwest Louisiana and soaking New Orleans, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

WAFB Weather page



Nat’l Weather Service – EXCESSIVE RAIN map & warning –  RADAR

Parish agencies offering sand bags to help potential flood victims [Livingston & Acension ]


7 thoughts on “Post-Patricia Rain Hits Louisiana – Flood ALERT

  1. Louisiana storm
    Heavy rains and power outages and
    Tornado touched down Sunday morning near Destrehan, Louisiana
    Tornado touched down in the 3100 block of Hwy. 315 in Dularge, Louisiana

    It look like the three Grand divisions of West, Middle and East Tennessee are in for a lot of rain.
    The Tennessee river flows into the Ohio river in Kentucky.

    Nashville watersheds
    The Cumberland River and its watershed flows in and out of Kentucky and Tennessee, feeding into the Ohio River in Kentucky.

    • Walter – do you think the water is rising in Lake FUBAR from this? Or do they have a big drainage or pump system in there to keep the levees from failing by the weight of too much water.

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