The Bugle is Back!!

Wow! That was scary! Our blog was suspended with no reason given. After complaining it is finally back.

O.K. – for that courtesy, I will say for the record, maybe a comapny

next that dumps radioactive  waste in a ditch by the road and it explodes and a US highway is closed for 140 miles for (ahem) unrelated reasons they are NOT reckless. Or even mishandling nuke waste. Maybe that’s the way it is ALL handled by all the cleverly named toxic waste handlers.


14 thoughts on “The Bugle is Back!!

    • Thanks so much Walter! I had to wait for them to get my ‘reply’ to the suspension. At least they restored it on the same day! So not too bad for a Sunday.
      I think it had to do with my last post… I won’t mention the topic, but you all know!

  1. Well, yes! You are the one who explained it way back. Some of the dumps are a bit more sophisticated with drainage and concrete liners but the concrete will crack and could react with the metal. Some of the large reactor components are just buried. And, at Savannah River they were just pouring concrete into rusty containers within the water table! They just can’t bury the stuff! It must be closely monitored in a place with aisles to check it.

    • What seems to happened at WIPP is these old contaminated gloves and paper suits etc. and tools slowly degrade with radiation and it makes fumes and things inside the drums and the drums quickly decay (faster than if they were filled with sand or something non-radioactive). And the air gets in and they pop off the lids, explode and/or make fires.
      And, in Nevada case (just updated that post) it seems they can’t throw water on these kinds of fires because water makes it all worse.

      • WIPP also has leaked and collapsed since the beginning so corrosion is outside in and inside out. The rain seems to have washed away soil and maybe exposed to oxygen and the radiation plus water would make hydrogen gas. Also, some of the nearby haz materials could be flammable or explosive. A wicked witches brew, as you say.

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