Evil Corporate Greed and Corruption Knows No Bounds – Louisiana Related

This was sent in by a reader with important articles –

The reader says –  “re: Moneyweb’s 11/16 “Is Sasol Next In Play?” – A settlement has just been made in the Louisiana RICO action against Sasol. Take a look at Insider Exclusive’s “In the Crosshairs of Justice — Corporate Dirty Tricks Exposed” and Christian Stork’s shocking expose’ below for more details on this ginormous Louisiana scandal and Sasol’s disgusting efforts to cover it all up.

Sender’s name protected for obvious reasons – F.C.


Corporate espionage and racketeering out-of-control
By John C. Dodd III

“When wealthy and powerful elites want information they stop at nothing to get it. This includes the use of corporate espionage and racketeering directed against anyone – even private citizens – who threaten their interests. It also includes the strategic use of law firms to do their bidding.”


MoneywebIs Sasol next in play?
Sasol is in value territory but the fundamentals are volatile.

“. . . Sasol has come a long way from when it was formed in 1979 as the South African Coal, Oil and Gas Corporation. It employs 33 000 people in nearly 40 countries across the globe and is expected to invest for more than R135 billion, the majority of which will be offshore. . . . “
” . . . In the past few months, Bank of America upgraded Sasol from “Neutral” to “Buy” while Citigroup issued a similar upgrade in September.
With Sasol trading on a price to earnings multiple of around 9 times earnings, it compares very favourably to the likes of Chevron (16) and Exxon (16.5) and Total (13). . . . “

” . . . The Government Employee Pension Fund (GEPF) holds 14.2% of the issued share capital (managed through the PIC) and the Industrial Development Corporation holds 8.2%. They are the 2 biggest shareholders in Sasol.

The SABMiller deal – where the PIC was vocal about its 3% stake in the business – was an interesting litmus test. While the PIC expressed concerns about job losses, their main goal was extracting the best possible price for its shareholders and clients. The PIC presently sits with about 5% of its assets offshore (of a 10% allowance), and with limited opportunities in the local market, it may ultimately see merit in swapping out some of its concentrated exposure in Sasol for one of the international majors. . . “


[PIC is Public Investment Corp.]

In the Crosshairs of Justice – Corporate “Dirty Tricks Exposed”

“It’s almost Unbelievable…. James Bond… Secret Agents…Corporate Spies, and Government Agents are “alive and well” in the Louisiana Heartlands….. spying on their “Worst Enemies list”…. of Law Firms and Environmental Advocate Groups who seek to protect everyday ordinary Americans.

You would think that the motley collection of crooks, thieves, con-men and bozos who masquerade as leaders of Corporate America would eventually learn the number-one lesson of Justice.”

It isn’t the crime that gets you….. It’s the cover-up.”


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Request: Any Info to Help a Landowner Near This Vinton Salt Dome < UPDATED

Readers – please add comments here if you can help a Bugle reader who has land near this proposed Vinton Salt Dome digging site.

Can this PUBLIC NOTICE be rebutted?

Details – PUBLIC NOTICE – – – NOTICE OF INTENT OFFICE OF CONSERVATION INJECTION AND MINING DIVISION In accordance with the laws of the State of Louisiana and the particular reference to the provisions of La R.S. 30:4, and the provisions of Statewide Order No. 29-M-3 (LAC 43:XVII, Subpart 5) as amended and adopted by the Office of Conservation of the State of Louisiana, Hominy Hill, LLC 2417 Shell Beach Drive Lake Charles, LA 70601 will be applying to the Office of Conservation, Injection and Mining Division for an area permit to drill Class III solution-mining wells in the Vinton Salt Dome. . .  (more)

Meanwhile – maybe check with The Louisiana Bucket Brigade and LEAN and anyone else on our right sidebar that looks like an advocate.

To check old wells and active wells and all sorts of data, location etc. try here-  SONRIS (they say to use IE browser).


Rebuttal to the proposal < has graphics and charts [PDF]

From the rebuttal:




4.6M Quake hits Medford, OK + News

Magnitude 4.6 earthquake hits in Medford, Oklahoma: USGS

There is a quake swarm there today (frack-quakes?)

This 4.1 quake report has a MAP of where Medford is.

We missed this Nov. 19 quake (or frack-quake)
M4.7 – 13km SW of Cherokee, Oklahoma

Disposal wells targeted after 4.7 earthquake in Oklahoma


The Watchers – Collapse of Earth’s tectonic plates unravelled

“It’s quite complex. There’s a scissoring motion going on…”

Rock salt for isolating nuclear waste not as capable as thought

“A new research from The University of Texas at Austin shows that rock salt, used by Germany and the United States as a subsurface storage for nuclear waste, might not be as impermeable as thought or as capable of isolating nuclear waste from groundwater in the event that a capsule or storage vessel failed.”

” . . . “The main thing in this case is that salt can develop permeability even in absence of mining activity – further hard work is immutable to study what amount of flow can occur,” said assistant professor Marc A. Hesse of the Jackson School’s Department of Geological Sciences.”

   . . . make that GIANT oh-oh!


US Nuke Plants’ Flooding Risks
List of Reactors Potentially at High Risk of Flooding due to Dam Failure <- Louisiana on the list (Waterford NPP)


Not much news to report from Lake FUBAR – it is rebounding a really big quake today in the South Seas



heli_button There are not any new reports from Texas Brine or Crosstex so it’s a guess what conditions are around the sinkhole.

General Russel Honoré on The Takeaway, hosted by John Hockenberry <  has audio

Piyush Jindal dropped out  of  the presidential race. Guess he got tired of people calling him Pencil Neck.

The WatchersEarth’s groundwater supplies mapped for the first time

Yellowstone Updated

Saturday Shakes at New Madrid Fault



That sinkhole in the parking lot in Miss. this weekend was discussed in comments here. Strange Sounds has a story for more info.
See “Enormous sinkhole swallows 15 cars in Meridian, Mississippi
Also see “Fault Lines in the US: This Map Shows the Major Earthquake Hazard Areas Within the United States

Yellowstone Updated

Dear Texas Brine, Where are the Status Reports on Your Collapsed Salt Dome in Napoleonville?

Why is all the live monitoring at Lake FUBAR being withheld from the public?

You haven’t put out a “response” since January.

There is live GPS data on all kinds of coordinates and land levels all over Assumption Parish. This data is supposed to public. The helicorders are supposed to be working and half of them are dead or giving out mish-mash. No one has even tended to them (in months!) to even temporarily fix them. The CORS911 system (with LSU help) is supposed to keep giving live GPS data. Acknowledging the big public hazard from Lake FUBAR they said “the CORS911 sentinels will continue to provide the real-time hazard-monitoring solutions needed to support this response for as long as necessary.”

Everything in the caverns is falling to pieces and self-generating quakes are large and frequent so, yeah, CORS911 data is still necessary.

Where’s the info from Sandia Labs, UC Berkeley, JPL, USGS and all the big-shots who we know are watching Lake FUBAR.

Where’s the satellite imagery? Where’s the fly-over photos? Where are still photos?

Keith M. sent this document in
CORS911: Real-Time Subsidence Monitoring of the Napoleonville Salt Dome Sinkhole Using GPS (July 2013)

It is now on the Documents page.
Here’s a Q & A on the 2013 CORS report –

But it is from 2013. Then they ran out of money (LSU).

They are supposed to be keeping the CORS911 thing going….

“In May 2013 a commission of scientists, response agents, and stakeholders concluded that subsidence monitoring programs were essential for ensuring public safety [LADNR, 2013b]. The CORS911 system, in coordination with the other monitoring platforms, is a key resource for these objectives. After broader attention to the sinkhole wanes, the CORS911 sentinels will continue to provide the real-time hazard-monitoring solutions needed to support this response for as long as necessary.



In the comments to the Creep Zone post (scroll down) I put up related docs found. Here they are:

This office has more regional papers too …

BUSTED! In Aug. (2015) Nanometrics (helicorder providers) brag about their monitors (!!)
Real-time Monitoring with High Performance Seismic Array, Bayou Corne Sinkhole Louisiana, USA

April, 2014 – Mining Induced Seismicity -Monitoring of a Large Scale Salt Cavern Collapse

TILT! Got this 2014 paper on tilting –
UC Berkeley 2014
Nayak, A., and D. S. Dreger, Moment tensor inversion of seismic events associated with the sinkhole at Napoleonville Salt Dome, Louisiana



Gas-charged fluids creating seismicity associated with a Louisiana sinkhole (2014)

“Natural earthquakes and nuclear explosions produce seismic waves that register on seismic monitoring networks around the globe, allowing the scientific community to pinpoint the location of the events. In order to distinguish seismic waves produced by a variety of activities – from traffic to mining to explosions – scientists study the seismic waves generated by as many types of events as possible. ”

Deborah Dupré –
Bobby Jindal’s Louisiana Sinkhole Gas Creating Quakes Like Explosions, Volcanic Eruptions