Saturday Shakes at New Madrid Fault



That sinkhole in the parking lot in Miss. this weekend was discussed in comments here. Strange Sounds has a story for more info.
See “Enormous sinkhole swallows 15 cars in Meridian, Mississippi
Also see “Fault Lines in the US: This Map Shows the Major Earthquake Hazard Areas Within the United States

Yellowstone Updated

43 thoughts on “Saturday Shakes at New Madrid Fault

    • I said quake swarm there as there’s a TON of quakes on that USGS map … all near each other on the OK-KANSAS border …. you have to zoom in to see them all as many are top of each other on the map.

  1. Underground nuclear test at the Tatum Salt Dome in Lamar County, Mississipp
    Atomic Journeys: Mississippi segment
    two atomic bombs were exploded in Mississippi. One nuclear test was called Salmon and it was detonated on October 22 1964 near Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The bomb had a yield of 5.3 kilotons. The second test was code named Sterling and it was detonated inside the cavity which had been left by the Salmon explosion. Sterling was detonated on December 3, 1966.


  2. This is too complex for me
    When their talking about Sendai Nuclear plant not far from Kagoshima Japan and Makurazaki.

    M6.7 – 144km WSW of Makurazaki, Japan

    Japan earthquake: Powerful earthquake strikes off Makurazaki
    NOVEMBER 13, 2015

    I keep thinking that Sendai is near Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.
    There two places name Sendai in Japan

    • Walter, the Makurazaki earthquake occured south of the Sendai nuclear power plant in southern Japan. There’s a Sendai in the Miyagi Prefecture, which is just southwest of Fukushima.

    • I think it’s not all that far. Fukushima on a map is on the Bay of Sendai so it gets confusing.
      see also –
      Also – others are reporting that’s a 7.0 quake….
      Also there was one out to the east of the big one that was 5M and another 5er up north of the Bay of Sendai. (on the map from USGS now).

    • Walter, I just put the earthquakes’ coordinates into google earth for that M6.7, 31.06 N ; 128.87 E earthquake. The quake occured west of Makurazaki in the East China Sea and south of the Sendai nuclear facility. There’s a Sendai in the Miyagi preficture, just southwest of Fukushima.

  3. Pennsylvania nuclear power plant in ‘Hot Shutdown’ over valve closure
    Feb. 2015
    Hot Shutdown
    The plant inserted all control rods into the reactor core during the scram, according to the NRC.

    Nuclear Events: Automatic Reactor Scram – Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant, Pennsylvania

    • The article about the Pennsylvania nuke plant, provided by Walter, states in the first paragraph that the owner of the nuke plant DIDN’T know why the plant unexpectedly shut down.  Then later in the article “The Norristown, Pennsylvania-based Times Herald reports the valve closed due to a leak in the nitrogen supply line, which is the gas used in the hydraulic system to operate the valve, citing U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman…”  So, statements don’t agree.  How can the owner not know how to run the reactor?

      The article states “During an accident, the (main steam isolation valves) would be closed to prevent the release of radioactivity from the containment building, which houses the reactor Sheehan told The Times Herald in an email.”  I wonder if radioactive steam was really released and they’re trying to feed us a believable excuse.  A later article states that repairs were done and the reactor power was returning last Friday.

    • My comment is missing. Flyingcuttlefish, please read first before posting to make sure I am correct in my thinking. Thanks moderator.

  4. This quake was on the Tectonic plates of Swan Trough and Cayman Trench

    Click to access caribbean_tsum.pdf

    The earthquake
    M5.8 – 169km SSW of George Town, Cayman Islands
    Date 11 16 2015 time 00:39:34 (UTC)
    Its depth =10.0 km (6.2 mi) not deep at all

    It show up at the sinkhole recorders at.
    24:43 UTC or 00:43 UTC time or 18:43 CST time

  5. Trying to find pictures of chemical separation facility for the X-10 Graphite reactor.

    I have seen X-10 Graphite experimental reactor many time front and back of the reactor and the hot room chemical separation facility for extracted of Plutonium.

    This Reactor was cool by air not water
    model shows the internal cross section of the X-10 reactor.

    The Clinton pile or X-10 Graphite Reactor was a experimental reactor a pilot plant for the larger plutonium-producing plant at Hanford, Washington.

    X-10 is a massive graphite block, protected by several feet of concrete, containing hundreds of horizontal channels filled with uranium slugs surrounded by cooling air. New slugs would be pushed into the channels on the face of the pile, forcing irradiated ones at the rear to fall into an underwater bucket. The buckets of irradiated slugs would undergo radioactive decay for several weeks, then be moved by underground canal into the chemical separation facility where the plutonium would be extracted with remote control equipment.

    The remote control equipment they had back then was Mechanical Hands with Remote Control.
    I can’t say how many inches of glass they had in front of them when working with those mechanical hands.

    The World’s First Plutonium Production Reactor
    The Hanford “B” reactor was the first plutonium production reactor in the world. Built in secrecy at Hanford, Washington, during World War II

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