Not much news to report from Lake FUBAR – it is rebounding a really big quake today in the South Seas



heli_button There are not any new reports from Texas Brine or Crosstex so it’s a guess what conditions are around the sinkhole.

General Russel Honoré on The Takeaway, hosted by John Hockenberry <  has audio

Piyush Jindal dropped out  of  the presidential race. Guess he got tired of people calling him Pencil Neck.

The WatchersEarth’s groundwater supplies mapped for the first time

Yellowstone Updated

7 thoughts on “NEWS

  1. Look this
    Brazil dam bursts: Mining company Samarco to pay compensation
    17 November 2015
    From the section Latin America & Caribbean
    School destroyed in Bento Rodrigues, 10 November 2015
    The mud destroyed the school and dozens of houses in Bento Rodrigues earlier this month
    Brazil mining company Samarco has agreed to pay at least 1bn reais (£170m; $260m) in compensation for the collapse of two dams it used to hold waste water from iron ore.
    The breaches caused rivers of mud to descend on nearby villages in the south-eastern state of Minas Gerais.
    Eleven people were killed and 12 are missing, presumed dead.
    Samarco is owned by mining giants Vale, from Brazil, and Anglo-Australian company BHP Billiton.
    Vale and BHP Billiton “made all possible effort to prioritise the needs of the people who were in the accident area” on 5 November when the dams burst, it said in a statement.
    Samarco says the “preliminary commitment” it signed will guarantee payment for “preventive emergency, mitigation, repair or compensation measures”

    • yeah … that story is running on BBC as text in the scroll. The only ones covering it are the finan. news sites so people can see impact on stocks!
      Many S. Amer. pollution pit mines have secret N. Amer. owners who project a ‘clean’ image at home. Well described in the book “Imperial San Fransisco”.

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