Request: Any Info to Help a Landowner Near This Vinton Salt Dome < UPDATED

Readers – please add comments here if you can help a Bugle reader who has land near this proposed Vinton Salt Dome digging site.

Can this PUBLIC NOTICE be rebutted?

Details – PUBLIC NOTICE – – – NOTICE OF INTENT OFFICE OF CONSERVATION INJECTION AND MINING DIVISION In accordance with the laws of the State of Louisiana and the particular reference to the provisions of La R.S. 30:4, and the provisions of Statewide Order No. 29-M-3 (LAC 43:XVII, Subpart 5) as amended and adopted by the Office of Conservation of the State of Louisiana, Hominy Hill, LLC 2417 Shell Beach Drive Lake Charles, LA 70601 will be applying to the Office of Conservation, Injection and Mining Division for an area permit to drill Class III solution-mining wells in the Vinton Salt Dome. . .  (more)

Meanwhile – maybe check with The Louisiana Bucket Brigade and LEAN and anyone else on our right sidebar that looks like an advocate.

To check old wells and active wells and all sorts of data, location etc. try here-  SONRIS (they say to use IE browser).


Rebuttal to the proposal < has graphics and charts [PDF]

From the rebuttal:





26 thoughts on “Request: Any Info to Help a Landowner Near This Vinton Salt Dome < UPDATED

  1. I have sat back and watch this on the Helicorders, pump the bad water out at the sinkhole.
    No one is saying anything in Louisiana just turn your heads and walk away.

  2. I like Roadside Geology in East Tennessee
    For one a-long a road cut you can see what a normal fault look like even what a thrust fault looks like and where the land has folded in rock face and there a lot of rock formations in those road side cuts and rocks from mudstone to quartz rock and shale and slate rock and coal and limestone and marble.
    Tennessee Landforms
    A old marble quarry in Knoxville TN.

    Southern Appalachian Foreland Fold-Thrust Belt in Northeastern Tennessee

  3. Manhattan Project Tours must see.
    The Manhattan project was one of the most important projects in history.

    Hanford B Reactor: It’s absolutely amazing to see what the scientists and engineers built in 18 months.
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    • the most important crime in history …. by the way …. they were supposed to, by law, shut down immediately at the end of the war. Instead they continue and we are their hamsters!

      • I hope it well be lessen learn and clean up.

        Can we do what the Creator did
        Polonium Halos: Unrefuted Evidence for Earth’s Creation
        By Dr. Robert V. Gentry

      • later if anyone saw a comment here and needs to re-find it… just ask. At this end I can do searches in comments by topic.

  4. The landowner’s reply is well-done. A Mississippi salt dome which was rejected for oil and gas storage because of damage to a river (I think) was then put on the hit list for nuclear waste! I’m not sure if it is this one or another.
    One that they wanted to use has a cracked cap rock. The US “blue ribbon” commission just went back to proposals from the 1950s like no info has been gathered since. But, they know that salt domes implode now! They also know that salt beds collapse (e.g. WIPP) but don’t want to admit it.

    The Dean boy promoting this needs to be mailed back to Ireland whether Ireland wants him or not. They can tell him a thing or two about reprocessing pollution due to Sellafield. The Deans are one of the so-called “Tribes of Galway” old Anglo-Irish though this one may be from Cork – they spread out to there.

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