Evil Corporate Greed and Corruption Knows No Bounds – Louisiana Related

This was sent in by a reader with important articles –

The reader says –  “re: Moneyweb’s 11/16 “Is Sasol Next In Play?” – A settlement has just been made in the Louisiana RICO action against Sasol. Take a look at Insider Exclusive’s “In the Crosshairs of Justice — Corporate Dirty Tricks Exposed” and Christian Stork’s shocking expose’ below for more details on this ginormous Louisiana scandal and Sasol’s disgusting efforts to cover it all up.

Sender’s name protected for obvious reasons – F.C.


Corporate espionage and racketeering out-of-control
By John C. Dodd III

“When wealthy and powerful elites want information they stop at nothing to get it. This includes the use of corporate espionage and racketeering directed against anyone – even private citizens – who threaten their interests. It also includes the strategic use of law firms to do their bidding.”


MoneywebIs Sasol next in play?
Sasol is in value territory but the fundamentals are volatile.

“. . . Sasol has come a long way from when it was formed in 1979 as the South African Coal, Oil and Gas Corporation. It employs 33 000 people in nearly 40 countries across the globe and is expected to invest for more than R135 billion, the majority of which will be offshore. . . . “
” . . . In the past few months, Bank of America upgraded Sasol from “Neutral” to “Buy” while Citigroup issued a similar upgrade in September.
With Sasol trading on a price to earnings multiple of around 9 times earnings, it compares very favourably to the likes of Chevron (16) and Exxon (16.5) and Total (13). . . . “

” . . . The Government Employee Pension Fund (GEPF) holds 14.2% of the issued share capital (managed through the PIC) and the Industrial Development Corporation holds 8.2%. They are the 2 biggest shareholders in Sasol.

The SABMiller deal – where the PIC was vocal about its 3% stake in the business – was an interesting litmus test. While the PIC expressed concerns about job losses, their main goal was extracting the best possible price for its shareholders and clients. The PIC presently sits with about 5% of its assets offshore (of a 10% allowance), and with limited opportunities in the local market, it may ultimately see merit in swapping out some of its concentrated exposure in Sasol for one of the international majors. . . “


[PIC is Public Investment Corp.]

In the Crosshairs of Justice – Corporate “Dirty Tricks Exposed”

“It’s almost Unbelievable…. James Bond… Secret Agents…Corporate Spies, and Government Agents are “alive and well” in the Louisiana Heartlands….. spying on their “Worst Enemies list”…. of Law Firms and Environmental Advocate Groups who seek to protect everyday ordinary Americans.

You would think that the motley collection of crooks, thieves, con-men and bozos who masquerade as leaders of Corporate America would eventually learn the number-one lesson of Justice.”

It isn’t the crime that gets you….. It’s the cover-up.”


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36 thoughts on “Evil Corporate Greed and Corruption Knows No Bounds – Louisiana Related

  1. To Energy News
    World Ocean Currents
    As you can see how the Pacific ocean and Atlantic ocean mix at the Antarctic Subpolar current into the South Atlantic Brazil current into the Benguela current.
    The same as the Antarctic Subpolar mix in to the South Atlantic Mozambique current into the W. Australia current.

  2. Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant
    December 06 2015 Buchanan, New York Nuclear Event control rods lost power.

    SCRAM emergency shutdown of a nuclear reactor
    Acronym for safety control rod axe man, safety cut rope axe man

    • thanks – I just put up a bunch on the FC blog on this.
      They are keeping secrets, not telling how they lost the power when the area weather is mild.

  3. Walter, where did you go to get this info? The NRC Event notices that I know about are only put out M-F. I’ve wondered how to find out about weekend or holiday events.

  4. There’s a long article on Zero Hedge where I saw it first. Apparently the mayor of NY is sending his own team to check out the event . Looks like he doesn’t want to rely on info from Indian Point only.
    I try to visualize what the ‘sinkhole’ would look like without liquid in it. I think of it like an hour glass – whatever material sinks into the cavern leaves an equal void above, so there must be a sinkhole the size of the Empire State building if I remember correctly the cavern size comparison. I remember the discussions about the ‘big hum’ and all the drilling around the salt dome, I saw a while back that a Louisiana application to detonate explosives above ground was rejected and wonder if this was the Camp Minden looking for an easy out from resolving disposal.

    • yeah …. about camp Minden …. I am sure they don’t need a shockwave at Lake FUBAR!
      And what if an unexpected thing happens like a rig or pipeline explosion in or near SE Louisiana?

  5. Walter, thank you for that info. It appears it’s been removed. But the extreme weather is still listed. Interesting how that can happen. Does that seem like a cover up to you? Control rods losing power and dropping sure seems kinda important. It never said anywhere that they were “fully inserted”. What’s your take on it Walter?

  6. How hot is the East Coastal getting

    Date: 19th Nov 2015 08:27 AM
    Continent: North-America
    Country: USA
    Location: [Sanibel Island coastal area] State of Florida
    Event: Biological Hazard
    Mass Die-off (red tide, fishes)
    Species Animal

    Date: 9th Dec 2015 04:13 AM
    Continent: North-America
    Country: USA
    Location: [South of Everglades National Park] State of Florida
    Event: Biological Hazard
    Florida South of Everglades National Park Mass die-off (seagrass)

    Date: 9th Dec 2015 04:27 AM
    Continent: North-America
    Country: USA
    Location: [Greater St. Petersburg region] State of Florida
    Event: Biological Hazard
    Red Tide

  7. Many thanks Walter for all the info. I was thinking the same thing regarding insert speed. I was going to put the image from that post up with the Indian Point news, but have gotten distracted with this and that.

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