Conservation efforts reversing groundwater depletion

“Louisiana has a rosier future concerning fresh water supplies, thanks in part to local efforts to conserve and reduce the strain on the Sparta aquifer.

National data compiled by USA Today show pockets of groundwater depletion across the United States, and Louisiana has its share of depletion over the last 20 years. Throughout the state, northeastern Louisiana had some of the heaviest depletion, centered in Lincoln, Ouachita and Union parishes.”

Strange Sounds – A series of 5 quakes rattles Dallas and Irving in December 2015 – And fracking is probably responsible

Nov. 25 – S.E. Missouri – New Madrid County shaken by 12 earthquakes in less than 24 hours… OMG

Dec. 14 – Mary Greeley: Roll The Dice – Lewisville [Texas] insists no ‘immediate or imminent threat of dam failure



Jury awards $750K in damages from state to environmental whistleblower

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – Years ago, a state contractor exposed alleged corruption, then watched one business door after another suddenly close. A court ruling Monday said he was wronged.

It took five years to build a case, but a jury said Dan Collins is owed more than half a million dollars in damages he said were inflicted when he blew the whistle on a state-funded project that he believed violated laws.

It was in 2005 that the Department of Natural Resources dredged Bayou Pastillion in Iberia Parish as a part of the Atchafalaya Basin Project. The goal was to improve water quality for fishermen by removing sediment build up at the mouth of the bayou. . . .

ooooooooo! New details emerge over search warrant executed at DEQ building
(it’s just over recycled tires, not the sinkhole)

The Atlantic Ocean circulation may already be slowing down. That’s not good.

38 thoughts on “NEWS

  1. They need to check for Fukushima radiation in that red tide water samples.
    Is there a spike in radiation there.

    Date: 13th Dec 2015 12:15 PM
    Continent: North-America
    Country: USA
    Location: [Gulf of Mexico coastal area] States of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana
    Event: Biological Hazard
    Red Tide Area Gulf of Mexico coastal area

    Just how big is the Dead Zones in the Gulf of Mexico going to be in 2016.
    From Oil and Gas Production Wastes and Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials

  2. Looking back to the year 1993 it was a very warm year tell.

    You don’t have tornadoes in the mountain of east Tennessee or do you ?

    Click to access 26026935.pdf

    03-13-1993 STORM OF THE CENTURY
    Documentary on the Superstorm Blizzard of March 13, 1993

    One of five videos in 1993
    Just how bad did it got in the deep south all the way to Louisiana in 1993.
    1 – Blizzard of 1993 Birmingham, AL – James Spann, Dan Satterfield, & Kevin Collins – 3/93
    WBRC Channel 6 coverage of the Blizzard of 1993 from Birmingham, AL.

  3. To PraisingTruth at Energy News

    PraisingTruth comment there.
    Massive rapes of southern Italian women after the II WW sistematically silenced
    “…”Rapes of German women by Red Army soldiers

    The German people told me they call it the night of screams when the French soldiers invasion into Germany.

    The history from 79th Engineer Battalion web site.
    When the French gave control to the Americans on 27 June 1945 the French military government ordered that each German family deliver “a complete suit with shirt and tie, underwear, handkerchiefs, socks, a pair of shoes, radios, and cameras, all in perfect condition”.

    The French cut all the oak trees in the forest and hauled them back to France before the Americans took control.
    To this day, when trees are harvested for lumber they have to be checked with a metal detector and marked with spray paint.

    A History of Rhein Kaserne Knielingen, Germany

  4. Radchick mentions the Bayou Corne sinkhole relationship in a sentence around 8 minutes into the video. These earth changes could be connected to the Wyoming gash and that California road sinking along with the nearby hill breaking apart.
    Watch “Roads Ripping Apart in Multiple States” on YouTube

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