Bagnell Dam, MO + News

This may be a big nothing — but — odd . . . .

Suspicious activity at Bagnell Dam not worrisome for state representative

Some more – Lake, Osage River property owners advised to prepare for winter <- looks like no big worries – F.C.

Pictures sent in by Keith M. –



More info in COMMENTS here and in comments on the next post – F.C.

Dec. 14 – There is a bomb underneath you.” It’s the largest releases of methane in California history: A giant stream of climate-warming methane gas is blowing hundreds of feet into the air in Los Angeles County and no one can stop it!

Louisiana – Decreasing groundwater levels cause for concern, experts say

Foster Campbell: Cutting the Umbilical Cord

Louisiana will suffer chronic financial problems until we break the grip of the major oil companies on the Legislature and Governor.
An umbilical cord connects our legislators and Governor to Big Oil. That cord may feed the politicians, but Louisiana continues to rank poorly in educational, environmental and economic well-being. . . .

THERE GOES LAKE FUBAR!    The Lens: Latest storm-surge maps show shocking scenarios for south Louisiana


9 thoughts on “Bagnell Dam, MO + News

  1. I am at a lost at what their saying on that web link.

    Bagnell Dam is 148-foot (45 m) tall concrete gravity dam
    I think there saying that dam is full at 660 feet and they drop the water level to 654 feet in winter time.
    As far as I can tell there lowing the water level even more this year.

    Lake, Osage River property owners advised to prepare for winter
    Ameren said it typically lowers the water level at the Lake of the Ozarks to 654, which is 6 feet below the full level of 660 feet to reduce the chance of flooding during spring rains.


  2. Nuclear Event in Russia [Europe] on December 21 2015 05:45 AM (UTC)
    Date/Time December 21 2015 05:45 AM (UTC)
    County / State Leningrad Oblast
    Settlement Sosnovy Bor

    Accident occurred at Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant
    19 December 2015

    Dec 19, 2015
    Dec. 20, 2015 Radioactive steam is still being released from the incident.

  3. RE: Methane gas leak near Porter Ranch, CA story ….
    Sent in –
    “I’ve been reading more about the PR gas leak. I hate to say it, but if it was going to happen anywhere, this may be one of the best places for the leak to occur. In a gated community. Where people with a whole lot of money live. People with legal connections. If it had occurred in Trenton NJ or another impoverished area, I doubt it’d be making news. Who knows, maybe a huge gas leak is occurring like that somewhere but folks with nothing in the world like PR residents won’t be able to make a difference. They’ll be quietly bought out by the company making them ill. They’ll lose their homes and their community. The oil/gas company acquires prime real estate. Along the Kalamazoo River. Bayou Corne. And on and on and on. And after a whole, the money shuts everyone up. Wonder how long PR will be making news? Only until the gas industry can buy the people out. But what about the leak into the atmosphere? What’s really happening in Bayou Corne now that the residents are gone? The people who care? Now that Dow and DuPont are merging, they’ll have enough money to do whatever evil enterprise they damn well feel like. Hmmmm….”

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