Julie Dermansky: Holiday Melancholy In Bayou Corne


Holiday Melancholy In Bayou Corne, Louisiana, Home of Giant Sinkhole Caused by An Industrial Accident


8 thoughts on “Julie Dermansky: Holiday Melancholy In Bayou Corne

      • Yes your so right about the tornadoes

        Total rain fall for Dec. 25, 2015 where I live in East Tennessee 3.93 inches of rain for that day.

        TVA Region Precipitation
        Rain Gauge Data
        TVA receives data from 283 rain gauges strategically located in watersheds across the TVA regions. In addition, it also gets data from 62 gauges on the Cumberland River system that are operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and 29 gauges in watersheds throughout the Valley operated by the U.S. Geological survey.

        The Tennessee river and the Cumberland river go into the Ohio River near Paducah Kentucky.
        Local Rainfall Map

        Looking back to the year 1993 it was a very warm year tell.
        Tornadoes in East Tennessee in Feb. and the Superstorm Blizzard of March 13, 1993.

      • I really don’t understand tornadoes in hilly Tenn.! I am from pool-table-flat Illinois and we have them all spring. Luckily no touch downs at my house, but everyone very aware of the ‘signs’.
        Walter, run for cover if suddenly all the insects stop making noise and bees quit the gardens. Quietness precedes funnel cloud.

  1. What do you do when you got too much water in a dam you have to spill it.
    Norris Dam Tennessee opening the flood gates and spilling water
    Norris Spilling

    Norris Dam 4-23-11
    Norris Dam spilling water

    Fontana Dam is too tall to spill water over the top of dam.
    Height 480 feet and the length is 2365 feet long

    Fontana Dam Spillway Water Release July 5, 2013

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