A Whole Lot o’ Water on the Way!

Flooding all over and the swamp is about to get swampier!


Missouri Governor Warns of ‘Historic and Dangerous’ Floods

FLOOD WARNINGS for East and West Baton Rouge

WAFB River Watch page

Jindal issues state of emergency due to threat of flooding along Miss. River
“Jindal said the threat of flooding along the Mississippi and Red rivers is imminent.”

Officials monitoring river levels in parishes along waterways

flood   MORE NEWS >>> use links on sidebar

Lt. General Russel Honore interview on Neil Cavoto’s show – Widespread flooding in Midwest leaves path of devastation



Jan. 3 : Donaldsonville is 4 inches from flood level!

CHART: http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=LIX&gage=DONL1


41 thoughts on “A Whole Lot o’ Water on the Way!

  1. This rain gauge map is just for the Tennessee river
    The water shied for the Tennessee river begin in the mountains of Virginia and North Carolina.
    The Tennessee river water goes all the way to Ohio River near Paducah Kentucky.

    Tennessee river watershed basin

    The Cumberland river begin in Kentucky water shield and goes all the way to Ohio River near Paducah Kentucky as well.
    Cumberland River

      • I don’t know what MO is but yes the dams do control the amount of water going down the river.
        They drop the water level in those dam in the winter months.
        When they have too much water in the winter months there production hydropower or opening the flood gates and start spilling water.
        There not making hydropower when there spilling water.

        The spring rains is why they keep those dam low in winter months.
        They hold water or impound it for summer months so they can send it down the river where it is low for water transportation.

        TVA keeping a close watch on water levels up and down the Tennessee River December 28, 2015
        July 9th, 2013 – TVA Dam Spilling

      • Walter, in the military didn’t you work with unconventional bridges, like making pontoon bridges?
        Army Corps of Engineers should have some of those prepositioned for these times. There has to be a bunch of stuff sitting around as war-surplus.

      • Before all those dams were built.
        A very good Great Depression-era documentary how we raped the land and move on in those days.
        The River – FDR Presidential Library 1938 – Video
        documentary describes the importance of the Mississippi River.

        One more Great Depression-era documentary on how we raped the land.
        The Plow That Broke the Plains, ca. 1937

      • did you know today they forgot those lessons about soil conservation from FDR era and have stopped planting trees as wind breaks etc.
        A real shame.

  2. Yoichi Shimatsu said the Texas storms etc. are result of Fukushima radiation blowing over in the jet stream and steering the jet stream way south ….
    beginning of interview ….
    [audio src="http://rense.gsradio.net:8080/rense/special/rense_122815_hr3.mp3" /]

  3. Having trouble finding mean sea level or even what it is now named to comp to levels of nuclear sites. This maybe it:
    But emergency workers must also get in.

    “5. How are the river stage reading determined? Does the sea level of the adjoining land have anything to do with it?
    The river stage readings are determined by the agency responsible for installing and maintaing the gage. This is determined after coordinating with local agencies and interests and before the gage is installed. On each of our forecasts we provide the gage’s reference to mean sea level. For example, if the forecast product states “308.54 + Forecast Stage = Height in FT NGVD 29″ and the height of the stage is currently 24.9 feet, then the height of the river level would be 333.44 feet above NGVD 29.”

    Their products do NOT seem to give this. The nuclear sites seem to use MSL or some do.

      • Flooding the underground burn area would just spread the nuclear waste farther from the St. Louis area. Thus, creating an enormous problem. I wouldn’t want to be the one to tell the thousands–maybe more–of people living downstream that they can no longer live on their properties cor eons because of man made radiation contamination.

      • what a mess … and in low lying, flood prone areas the people who live there have the least choice of where to live! Rich people don’t live on the ‘house on the hill’ for nothing!

      • This video by BAHBOO777 is a few days old but gives you an understanding of the situation and more places to look if interested. He talks about the Missouri flooding and the radioactive waste dump near St. Louis.
        Watch “Massive Flooding In Missouri, Radioactive Landfill, Live Stream Above Mississippi River” on YouTube

    • TO: miningawareness
      (MSL) mean sea level an average level for the surface of one or more of Earth’s oceans
      What is the Recent Sea Level Rise
      Do they know.

      No one know if the land is rising or sinking or there not telling you.
      Take all the boats out of the oceans well the sea level drop ?

      • Thanks Walter. That is a good point. I think that it was Waterford NPP that sunk at least 5 inches during construction. Water pumping causes subsidence like in Venice and New Orleans depending on soil.

  4. Flyingcuttlefish about pontoon bridges.

    My old company was at Sava River on Dec. 28, 1995 went there camp got flooded out.
    They were building the roads and the ramps to that pontoon Ribbon bridge
    They made it for 70 ton tanks to cross over on that Ribbon bridge.

    The US Experience in the Balkans
    Operation Joint Endeavor, Task Force Eagle and the Sava River 1995
    As it was nearing completion on the 28th the river burst its banks (the first time in 70 years) and the resultant flood caused by melting snow washed away the engineers camp and much of the bridge in the early hours of the morning.

    1st Armored Division Bridge over the Sava River Operation Joint Endeavor
    Combat Engineers Ribbon Bridge

  5. Don’t loose sight of geoengineering, with using HAARP and Ionic heaters to steer the jet stream. We have the Fukushima radiation heating the Pacific Ocean, which is being covered up as total El Ninõ.
    Devaluation continue in Missouri as 19 levees deemed ‘highly vulnerable to flooding.’
    Flooding on the middle and lower portion of the Mississippi River and some of its tributaries may reach levels not seen during the winter months since records began during the middle 1800s… Even after the Mississippi and its tributaries crest in Missouri and Illinois through the first week of January, waters will continue to rise in portions of Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana.
    “It will take weeks or until the latter part of January for the last of the crests to cycle southward to the Gulf of Mexico,” Andrews said.

  6. The very ground you stand on is moving to the sea.
    Where I live at i am about a 1,000 feet above sea level.

    Tide gauges themselves are not immune to problems, however; the land on which they rest can shift during earthquakes, or subside because of groundwater withdrawal or sediment settling.
    These processes can produce apparent changes in sea level that have nothing to do with the oceans.

    Climate Scientists
    Where is the Quality Control here? Completely gone?
    Science, should just go back to guessing their way through life on some times.
    melting sea ice make the sea levels go up no Melting sea ice has no impact on sea level rise.
    We know that when an ice cube melts in a glass of water, the water level does not go up in the glass.

    Ice breaker ships making sea level to go up ?

    Are we in new cold war
    Scientists Considered Pouring Soot Over the Arctic in the 1970s to Help Melt the Ice – In Order to Prevent Another Ice Age
    What about Russia scientists about melting the Arctic ice cap by covering it with black soot ?
    Is Geoengineering being used to deliberately melt the Polar Ice Caps?

  7. I’m reading that a munder minimum is on the way in about 10-15 years.  Governments are crying global warming.  The World makes amends to curb global warming with tax money.  Then governments will try to falsely claim in 10-15 years that we all went too far with trying to prevent global warming.  When actually, the Earth was scheduled to cool because of the maunder minimum anyway.  Then they’ll say that we have to fight global cooling with more tax money.  What a game they’re playing to suck our tax dollars.
    Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decade
    Mini Ice Age By 2030? Scientists Know When Sun Will ‘Sleep.’

  8. The 1,000 year flood in South Carolina what next Georgia is still getting rain.
    Flooding Georgia that storm just won’t go away.
    Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has declared a state of emergency in five more Georgia counties hard-hit by flooding in recent days.

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