How Safe is New Orleans’ Nuke Plant in a Flood?

  • Waterford NPP is near New Orleans.
  • A big flood may be on the way.
  • New Orleans has a history with levees not holding (or being made to not hold)

New Orleans Times-Picyaune  – (2011) Waterford 3 nuclear plant is not immune to ground-fault concerns, some geologists say
by Richard Thompson

Recent advances in geological study have uncovered an array of deep-seated regional faults, long thought to be dormant, that have shown surface movement throughout southeast Louisiana. And in the wake of Japan’s nuclear crisis, some local geologists and environmental activists are warning that the levees along the Waterford 3 nuclear plant in St. Charles Parish should be evaluated for potential fault hazards. . . .

So levees there are going to hold back this massive flood water that is on the way? We hope.

Recall the flooded Nebraska nuke plant in 2012Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant “likely would have melted down” if operators were not forced by NRC to make enhancements before major flooding

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Nuclear Power Plants Appear Safe From Flooding In Midwest And South

Incident at River Bend NPP   

NRC Event Number: 51637
Unit 1 –
Event Date: 01/05/2016
Event Time: 22:58 [CST]

“At [2258] CST, on January 5, 2016, with the plant operating at 100 percent power, the main control room alarm indicating high pressure in the auxiliary building actuated. Operators confirmed that the building pressure, corrected for temperature, indicated slightly positive, whereas the building pressure limit in Technical Specifications is 0.0 – 3.0 inches of water negative pressure. Secondary containment was declared inoperable, and the Division 2 standby gas system was started. This action restored building pressure to the acceptable range, and the building was declared operable at [0027 CST] on January 6.

“This condition is being reported in accordance with 10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(v)(C) as an event that caused the secondary containment to be potentially incapable of performing its safety function. The NRC Senior Resident Inspector was notified.”

EIA MAP featuring energy grid, plants for Louisiana



Waterford 3 LIVE output report

Also see Mining Awareness headlines in the lower part of the right sidebar – F.C.



36 thoughts on “How Safe is New Orleans’ Nuke Plant in a Flood?

  1. On the NOAA web site
    I am at lost what that light brown lines on map are ?

    On right hand side it say “Turn All Layers Off” I click it so you can see those light brown lines on map
    I found it it’s RFC Boundaries under Geographic Overlays on map.
    What is a RFC Boundaries here is the name River Forecast Center Boundaries/
    I know as little as did before about it, what good is it putting little light brown lines on map.

  2. Flood walk down gives lots of info. Imp. Is that site sunk 9 inches but docs have it at original height. As Walter suggested it could have sunk since and must have really with pumping and water flow. Over by one failed NOLA levee had sunk 7 in in a few yrs

    Does anyone have news or insight on Honeywell Metropolis … They claim they are high elevation. Or Paducah facility? Other NPS on rivers?

    NRC docs tend to give MSL that no one uses now. Some heights given forHoneywell and 500 yr flood.

  3. What in story for that sink hole for 2016 for one that Louisiana sinkhole is not slowing down if it was slowing down they would have flyover of it not the same old 2013 photo of it.

    Surface & Subsurface Faults in Louisiana
    Much of the massive twentieth century land loss, which has occurred in coastal Louisiana, is the result of fault induced subsidence.

    On Slide 2 it has East Valley Wall

    On those maps they have East Valley Wall is that a Subsurface Faults ?

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    • A Tale of Two Rivers–Mississippi River Flood of 1927 excerpt part 1

      A Tale of Two Rivers–Mississippi River Flood of 1927 excerpt part 2

      Army Corps of Engineers Mat Sinking

    • Yes East Tennessee did get more than 6 inches of rain in the last week or so.
      Some places got more and there more rain coming.

  5. Mood music for the opening of the Bonne Carre spillway to Lake Pontchartrain. Hope that is all. I always thought lyrics were ever falling down. Hope that is the entire song with nothing added to end. Internet on blink so only saw first 2 minutes… Heart of the Night by Poco: Wonder if TN flooding impacts Big Black R which exits into Miss 2 miles upstream from Grand Gulf.

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