NEWS + Portland Sinkhole

The Advocate Documentary focuses on oil spill, land loss

Giving Away Louisiana: Fracking tax incentives Little-noticed program by Mark Ballard

2013 story – Louisiana’s “Bermuda Triangle”

State bans driving, walking on Mississippi, Atchafalaya river levees during high water

NY Times avoids mention of New Madrid Fault Zone, but everyone can read between the lines: Earthquakes in Oklahoma Raise Fears of a Big One

The Advocate (Jan. 6) – Sinkhole update: Methane threat diminishing, Assumption officials partially lift evacuation order < has map showing area

Jan. 9FLOOD WARNING for Baton Rouge area

Gen. Russel Honore talks documentary ‘After the Spill’ – Documentary showcases life after BP Oil Spill < has video

Way to similar to Lake FUBAR: The End of California UPDATED (Porter Ranch gas leak gets worse)

Large sinkhole swallows the road in Gresham, Portland  < relates to story about roads ripping apart up there


Zero Hedge – Is A Massive Earthquake Inevitable In Oklahoma?

Yellowstone Updated


More news items in comments in the next 2 posts… plus flood info – F.C.


14 thoughts on “NEWS + Portland Sinkhole

  1. The Advocate
    File photos, video show the rush of water, public spectacle of opening Bonnet Carré Spillway
    The spillway structure, built after the deadly 1927 flood, is made up of 350 bays that are closed off by 7,000 wooden pins. It has been opened 10 times since its construction, most recently in 1997, 2008 and 2011. Here’s a video of when it was opened in 2011:é-spillway

  2. I did not see anything on the internet but this.
    Date/Time January 08 2016 06:45 AM (UTC)
    Cook Inlet, Alaska
    Animal Mass Die-off (birds)

    January 06 2016 03:32 PM (UTC).
    Whittier, Alaska
    Animal Mass Die-off (Common murre) birds
    Starving to Death, 8000 Murres Wash Ashore in Alaska

    • Down in those parts it makes sense … people probably hunt all over swamps when it is drier.
      Gulf coast used to be important fur place for trappers and hunters. I don’t know if the younger generation is taking it up.

      • It appears that hunting has become MORE central. Fewer ticks and snakes in winter, of course. Before some people hunted to eat but those who grew enough food didn’t so much. Now I fear they kill just to kill with, of course exceptions. Apparently use packs of dogs which isn’t fair play.

      • in that paper you sent about faults and subsidence … they showd how nutrina varmits hurt the habitat in large numbers.
        Their numbers were a lot lower when hunters and trappers used them for their fur to sell. So everybody, buy a nutrina jacket.

      • Some species have gone extinct in that way. The Miss Delta is where Teddy Roosevelt refused to kill a baby bear in a sort of canned hunt and thus Teddy’s Bear. Black Bears are in the Atchafalaya. I hope they have gone to higher ground before the big flood comes. .

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