New View of Lake FUBAR (???) + Newish Fly-Over Photos from LMRK Show Berm Fail

This flood map has “live” water depth data color coded over rivers and lakes in the USA.

(pan over toward 4 o’clock direction to find Bayou Corne and Lake FUBAR)

So maybe the view over Napoleonville is new – compared to out dated photos and maps we are able to get from DNR etc.

We got this screen shot:



Walter found this – NEW(ish) PHOTOS from LMRK, Lower Miss. River Keeper fly over 1-19-15 –


(we downloaded them to get a better view)

You can see the berm total FAIL on the right side:





35 thoughts on “New View of Lake FUBAR (???) + Newish Fly-Over Photos from LMRK Show Berm Fail

  1. Very important Salt geology Louisiana, radium , etc

    “But along with the wing dikes and other navigation structures, we’ve seen local governments continue to approve real-estate development inside floodplains. To protect the new buildings, they build higher and stronger levees, which give the river ever-less room to expand when the rains come.”

    The gov flood map crashes.

    • That one article (link in comments here in earlier flood post) said farmers were throwing up levees around their flood prone fields willy-nilly with no oversight etc. from state or regulatory body. So much of the disaster is from that…. presumably.

    • In reply to Trowbridge h. Ford.

      …. and this is interesting quote (from your 1st link)

      “There has been discussion in 2003 about the impact of faults along Louisiana’s coast. Woody Gagliano, the “father” of coastal erosion in Louisiana, contends that possibly half of the loss of wetlands in the latter half of the 20th Century is due to faults in our muddy coastal areas. As evidence, he notes the rather rapid formation of lakes that have straight margins (one would expect rounded or jagged edges if storms were causing the loss of wetlands).”

    • I added this link to the bottom of the SALT DOME page so it can be easily found later.
      It has all that stuff on faults.

  2. Remember this
    10/23/12 Resident Briefing Pt. 7

    Why don’t they show a update of the sinkhole from the air for 2016 ?

    Is OXY cavern one begin to breakup ?
    Number three cavern has collapsed, so is that going to have any impact on the adjacent caverns or not ?

      • I don’t know what they gain by trying to hide dangerous developments. It will just make them look worse if anything happens and they gave no warning.

    • yeah. I had a slew of posts since then titled “Dear DNR,….” reminding them they ‘forgot’ to tell the public what’s going on!

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