SCRAM at River Bend Nuke Plant – Emergency Cool Down + Nuke Plant Watch

NRC Event Number: 51644 (bottom of page)

limeRAD   It is in St. Francisville, LA. INFO

Event Date: 01/09/2016
Event Time: 02:37 [CST]


On 1/9/16 at 0237 [CST], River Bend Station sustained a reactor scram during a lightning storm. An electrical transient occurred resulting in a full main steam isolation [MSIV] (Group 6) and a Division II Balance of Plant isolation signal. During the scram, level 8 occurred immediately which tripped the feed pumps. A level 3 signal occurred also during the scram. Subsequent level 3 was received three times due to isolated vessel level control. The plant was stabilized and all spurious isolation signals reset, then the MSIVs were restored. The plant is now stable in Mode 3 and plant walkdowns are occurring to assess the transient.”

During the scram, all rods inserted into the core. The plant was initially cooled down using safety relief valves. Offsite power is available and the plant is in its normal shutdown electrical lineup.

The licensee has notified the NRC Resident Inspector.

Luckily offsite power was available and there wasn’t a flood or anything shutting it off!


Mining Awareness – Louisiana Nuclear Reactor Scrammed by Lightning Strike

Extra inspections ordered by NRC bosses in April didn’t seem to do much good. WAFB report.

Sept. 2015 inspection shows troubles at River Bend NPP.

Jan. 16 UPDATE

Mining Awareness – Lightening Scrammed Nuclear Reactor Still at Zero Power

“Less than one week prior:
Potential Uncontrolled Radiation Release, Secondary Containment Declared Inoperable so they appear to have vented it, presumably releasing radiation. Notification came 2 days too late to be useful to people:
“10 CFR Section:
50.72(b)(3)(v)(C) – POT UNCNTRL RAD REL

Special Inspection in 2015 Didn’t Fix a Thing at Crap Plant River Bend
I got a special inspection over reactor vessel level control during a scram in 2015  special inspection. The problem is they didn’t do any scram testing and all the corrective action didn’t take effect for many years. ( well, Christmas scram in 2014) (They need to purposely scram a few times with everyone on high alert to watch the plant’s and staffs response. Then devise a scheme to fix it fast. Just like initial plant operational testing…)
During the scram, level 8 occurred immediately
So here we go again after a special inspection effectively nothing is fixed. Vessel level is just banging around…reactor vessel goes up and down like a mad man and tripping the feed pumps.

Lightning is not suppose to trip a nuclear plant. Did something crap out in their switchyard (fail) during a lightning strike.

When do they become a Pilgrim with too many scams…enhanced inspections because they are banging the whole plant around like level?”


radOR95Mississippi River Edge Nuke Plant WatchingradOR95

Quad Cities NPP in Illinois is on the Miss. River –
Event Number: 51650
Event Date: 01/12/2016
Event Time: 13:40 [CST]


“On January 12, 2016, at 1340 CST, an alarm was received indicating secondary containment differential pressure rose unexpectedly above the Technical Specification Surveillance Requirement, SR, limit of 0.10 inch of vacuum water gauge. A reactor building supply fan was immediately secured to restore differential pressure below the Technical Specification limit. The secondary containment differential pressure returned to below the Technical Specification limit within one minute. The Standby Gas Treatment System remained in standby, and fully operable. At 1341 CST, the secured reactor building supply fan was restarted to restore the normal ventilation lineup. The secondary containment differential pressure remained below the Technical Specification limit. Troubleshooting is in progress.

“This condition represents a failure to meet Surveillance Requirement As a result, entry into Technical Specification, Condition A, was made momentarily due to secondary containment being inoperable.

“Given the temporary loss of secondary containment, this event is reportable under 50.72(b)(3)(v)(c) as an event or condition that could have prevented the fulfillment of a safety function.

Quad Cities info – has map

Louisiana’s River Bend Nuclear Station Shuts Down for Repairs
River Bend . . . shut down operations Thursday night (1-15) when water began to flow into the plant (!!!).

 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Nuke ProAging Nuclear Plants Are Experiencing Multiple Mechanical, Electrical, and Control Failures All At Once cry tells about River Bend NPP


19 thoughts on “SCRAM at River Bend Nuke Plant – Emergency Cool Down + Nuke Plant Watch

  1. That good everything work in that hot shut down.
    All rods inserted into the core like they should.

    I was thinking of an old car i had, you turn engine off and it keep running (Dieseling).

    • When I was in the Army my company had old dozer a D-6 or D-7 that I don’t remember now that would turn itself on engine running and turn itself off.
      We took off the battery cable that did not work and turn off the fuel line that did not work it would still turn itself on engine running and turn itself off.
      This went on about a year like that, tell someone took off the exhaust pipe rain cap on that dozer this time that dozer turn itself on the engine RPM keep getting higher and higher tell the engine blow.

    • yeah, but what if serious flood happens to knock out local power? So-called back up generators are old re-built ship motors good for just hours. Fukushima blew because of no back up electricity. Unless it had sabotage like a lot say, from Israel because Japan had just sold a bunch of nuke fuel to Iran.

  2. I love this site because it has incredibly valuable information. But I am unable to get the pale colors to be readable. I tried adjusting my screen brightness and it didn’t work. You have an incredibly important story about a SCRAM at some nuclear site and it just isn’t readable or shareable and the authors voice is lost and so is their research and their knowledge. How sad.

    • I know, I know … it is lousy on mobile phones. Just mouse over the text if you can or use a PC.
      Wordpress claimed this format was good on mobile devices and it is bunk.
      I have a link to text only version of all the stuff on the sidebar for phone users … it is on the bottom right side where it says ‘Android users’….

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