Google Hides Flood News + NEWS + Ammo Open Burn Plans

This is just plain BAD!

Shame on Google News for not putting Mississippi River news on the front page!



Corps of Engineers lowers flood-fight response level

Barge accidents rise on flood-swollen Mississippi River

Fourth Barge Incident on the Lower Mississippi

The Advocate Choppy water greets hydrologists taking Mississippi River measurements Friday, data used to determine spillway openings

Wildlife fleeing spillway flood in St. Charles Parish


Mining Awareness – Runaway Barges Endanger Nuclear Power Stations-Essential Infrastructure: Life on the Mississippi <— TIP: local residents, remember if electricy goes out gas stations cannot sell gas and cash machines don’t work. Be prepared in advance!

Jan. 19 – 4.2M Frack-Quake in OK



Colfax, Louisiana needs help!

Clean Harbors Colfax, LLC (a Massachusetts company) is conducting an Open Burn of 500,000 pounds a year near the central Louisiana town of Colfax with the approval of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

The company has made application to increase the amount of hazardous waste to 2 million pounds a year in 2016. Companies from all over the country are shipping their hazardous waste explosives to Louisiana to be burned, releasing toxic chemicals and particles into our air. Federal law prohibits the open burning of hazardous waste; an exception is made only for waste explosives IF there is no alternative disposal method, but multiple alternative disposal methods that are much safer now exist.  LiveAmmo

Oppose the open burning  cry of hazardous waste materials at the Clean Harbors Colfax, LLC facility located on Highway 471, Colfax, LA.

Voice your opposition to the open burning/open detonation of explosives, propellants, warheads, airbags, expired fireworks and other materials that are releasing toxic chemicals into our air, water, and soil Please open web site and sign this petition:

Registration for the public comments begins at 4pm on February 23 at the Civic Center in Colfax LA. All who wish to speak must register on site. Public comments begin at 6pm and will be conducted by DEQ. Everything is recorded. If you want to send anything back to DEQ in Baton Rouge you may hand that in.

The civic center is located at 1290 Main Street in Colfax.


New York TimesInequality in the Air We Breathe?

For years, one of the largest employers in that area was the Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant, about four miles from Minden. The Environmental Protection Agency eventually listed the plant as a Superfund site because for more than 40 years “untreated explosives-laden wastewater from industrial operations was   ourlivescollected in concrete sumps at each of the various load line areas,” and emptied into “16 one-acre pink water lagoons.” It was determined that the toxic contamination in soil and sediments from the lagoons was a “major contributor” to toxic groundwater contamination.

. . . . Fifteen years ago, Robert D. Bullard published Dumping in Dixie: Race, Class and Environmental Quality. In it, he pointed out that nearly 60 percent of the nation’s hazardous-waste landfill capacity was in “five Southern states (i.e., Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas),” and that “four landfills in minority ZIP codes areas represented 63 percent of the South’s total hazardous-waste capacity” although “blacks make up only about 20 percent of the South’s total population.”


19 thoughts on “Google Hides Flood News + NEWS + Ammo Open Burn Plans

  1. If anyone have not sent this go down the page to
    Flooding + Boone Dam Update
    In comments
    About the old Mississippi river all the way to 2010 and about the red river going into the Atchafalaya river
    From Prior Millennium geomorphology of Old Mississippi River and the 1831 Shreve cuts off Turnbull’s Bend to 2010.

    There a lot more there.
    What about it the Mississippi river not going to New Orleans anymore this could very well happen.

    • Looking at this drawing and seeing how much water is going into the Mississippi river from other rivers can be complex but it not.
      What above the Missouri river is 150,000 going into the Mississippi river on map that cubic feet per second.
      The Missouri river is 100,000
      The Tennessee is 490,000
      The Ohio river is 2,250,000
      Page 33 of 36

      The Mississippi river Flood Control Plan Below Old River is on this drawing 32 of 36.
      Look how big the Atchafalaya floodway basin is.
      This take a lot of the flood waters off the old Mississippi river.

      Click to access atchafalaya_basin_mp-a_2014.pdf

  2. This is just a sign of how uninformed the American public has become. We are not told by the Government controlled media of situations of importants; many are life threatening! A few examples are the Fukushima catastrophe, which is killing sea creachers and birds by the millions–probably hundreds of millions by now. Humans eat some of these sea creatures before the sea creatcher dies from radiation, thus bioacummulating the radiation from Fukushima in their bodies. There’s the Methane gas leek in California that few know about outside of the LA area. Now this Methane leak is spewing radiation, supposedly from a 1964 nuclear meltdown, such as radon. People will develop lung cancer. People are getting sick and their pets are dying. I read that this could become a national disaster. Then there’s this Mississippi River flooding that I found about from the Bugle and internet research into flooding caused by the huge rainfall. This is only a sample of the serious situations facing the Americna public. People are inundated by nonsense news stories and no followup on life threatening news. Nothing to see here, move along!

    • When it comes to mother-nature that old river is going to go where it went to.
      That old river is like a snake it moves around.
      When you got a Nuclear Reactor next to a river with mother-nature it can move that river anywhere it went to.
      Then you got a Nuclear Reactor with no water.

      Reel-foot lake happen overnight.
      Reelfoot Lake was formed when the region subsided during the 1811–12 New Madrid earthquakes.The earthquakes resulted in several major changes in the landforms over a widespread area with shocks being felt as far away as Quebec.

      • they have lots of material …. many abandoned oil rigs are allowed to be left around the gulf. Bring all that junk inland and make water steering obstructions with them. And don’t use slave-prisoner labor! So many oil workers out of work with low oil prices. Make BP pay for it all.

    • I uderstand the huge rainfall is because normally it would have been snow… but it had freak warm spell.
      Scroll down to post about Texas storm & geoengineering.
      I think gradually the uninformed are getting a clue.

      Just posted to the FC blog-

    “An encapsulated history of the development of the Ocoee River in Polk County, Tennessee.” By Joyce Gaston Reece
    “Where does it come from and where does it go?”

    What is a “THE FLUME LINE”
    4.7 mile long flume at the end of which lies the historical Ocoee #2 Hydro-electric Plant.

    Just how long well this flume line be there, well they be a landslide that knocks it out for good.
    Repairs to historic Ocoee Flume Line under way.

    Along this road you can see that flume line
    Polk County Tennessee Rockslide Nearly Kills Road Crew
    Uploaded on Nov 11, 2009

    • That story about THE BIRTH OF THE OCOEE’S
      It said the Ocoee was a part of the Mississippi River watershed the Conasauga flowed south into the Chattahoochie and, eventually into the Atlantic.

      I think there saying it was a shorter route down the Alabama river to Mobile.
      It talks about it in this web link and the Copper Hill Basin in Ducktown TN where about 46 square or miles 50 square mile had been stripped of vegetation you couldn’t get a blade of grass to grow.

      The Ocoee Story Seventy Five Years Of Changing Lives

      Click to access the-ocoee-story.pdf

      Planting corn along a river in Tennessee  (LOC)

      Copper Basin, Tennessee

      Copperhill, TN 1965
  4. The Porter Ranch: Blowout in California

    As much as 86 billion cubic feet of natural gas is in storage there.
    The leak releases about 44,000 kilograms(kg) of methane per hour or 1,200 tons of methane every day.
    So how much is in storage now.

  5. This 2013 Russian article links Lake FUBAR with the BP disaster.

    “Here again there is a “parallel” in 2010, high-pressure streams of bivshy explosion destruction BE, BP’s third well, 40% consisted of natural gas. The Bay were released 500,000 tons of gas by 95% composed of methane; Oil (the official) spilled 800,000 tons. Then BP well “sealed”, but the sad experience of Hutchinson (cm. H. 14-6) showed that the high-pressure gas can easily find loopholes and workarounds. Hence, a logical question: Could numerous tectonic faults of the continental slope to open the way for methane N. Orleans, lake lake peigneur, Bayu-roots and other areas on the coast?”

    English (computer translated) –

    Original –

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