Huge BOOM at Lake FUBAR After 1 A.M.

As Walter said, “What fell down?”.

LA18 shows it.


Quake Watch’s LA18 chart shows it (at 7:07 A.M. UTC). Same event.

So does LA 10-01


NOTE: On the Yellowstone blog, YS watcher, Mary Greeley says the USGS is turning the helicorders there on teeny tiny setting. – F.C.

UPDATE: On River Bend NPP in the post about nuke plants and the flooding.

Scroll down to the NEWS post for info on the big plan to open-burn old explosives in Louisiana.

14 thoughts on “Huge BOOM at Lake FUBAR After 1 A.M.

  1. I love the diagram! Glad Walter didn’t freeze. Traction on shoes is VERY important and to hang on to rails if there are steps. Go down steps sideways hanging on to rail if must go. Any shoe traction is better than none. If it is below freezing and there is enough snow not to slip the best thing is to jog or run if you must be out for so long you may freeze. For that matter if it is far enough below freezing then you may need to jog to keep from freezing slip risk or not. Always land flat foot walking or jogging, sort of stomping to reduce sliding on solid surfaces. Obviously best to go slowly if not out long. Deep snow can be hopped in so don’t get feet too wet.

    Better not to go out. There should be charts somewhere telling how long you can be out. This is just based on my experience. Use common sense. Hidden ice is a real danger which is why I prefer thick new snow or to stay in.

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