On That Barge Crash Tuesday Near Waterford 3 Nuke Plant

New Orleans Times-PicayuneBarge capsizes near Hahnville, closing Mississippi River to ships

“A barge carrying caustic soda capsized in the Mississippi River above Hahnville on Tuesday afternoon (Jan. 26), forcing the closure of the river to ship traffic between mile markers 126 and 131...”

We couldn’t find mile marker 131, but it seems near the Bonnet Carre Spillway.


Mining Awareness says “That is either just below or could be at Waterford! What happens for water intake? “
Let’s see . . . .

Renewal Application for Permit LA0007374, Waterford 3 Steam Electric Station, Index of Application through Revision 0 to Technical Procedure CE-002-036  <   (207 pages)

p.172:  “The Waterford 3 Steam Electric Station is an existing facility that discharges wastewater to the Mississippi River and 40 Arpent Canal.”

Graphic from that document:



(big size, CLICK to see full size)

Drainage map (also big size):



*  *  *  *  *  *  *

ClivateViewer Map showing Waterford 3 proximity to the spillway across the river

Click on this map for FULL SIZE:



Mining AwarenessEntergy to US Coast Guard Notice Form has Waterford Nuclear Safety Zone at Wrong Location

Coast Guard NewsCoast Guard continues response to collision, sinking on Lower Mississippi River near Memphis

Coast Guard reopens portions of the Mississippi River

“NEW ORLEANS – The Coast Guard has reopened the Mississippi River to one-way traffic from mile marker 127 to mile marker 129 to all vessels, near Hahnville, Louisiana.

The Mississippi River was closed Tuesday in response to a collision between two towing vessels near mile marker 129 on the Mississippi River. One barge carrying caustic soda capsized in the river….”

River Bend nuke plant is still shut down0% power < MORE: SCRAM at River Bend Nuke Plant

25 thoughts on “On That Barge Crash Tuesday Near Waterford 3 Nuke Plant

  1. Great Maps! Actually magnificent! The layout of Waterford is especially important. Intake is at top, right in the middle on the River. Where did you get the mile markers? I found an unofficial one which says that 129 is upper Bonnet Carre and 127 lower Bonnet Carre and official that Waterford is at 128. I guess I need to get an official map. Oh! Entergy may well be wrong. They don’t know where it is at! ? http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML0316/ML031630976.pdf You should post a screen shot of pdf p. 8. where Entergy says Waterford is at 128. If NOLA and Rivergator say upper BC is 129 then based on that and your map then Waterford is at 129 1/2. Entergy says it is 128 for Coast Guard notification!

    The BC markers I found were from Rivergator .org. The NOLA article says that “It resulted from a barge collision between two towing vessels near mile marker 129, which is at the upriver end of the Bonnet Carre Spillway.” It claims there was no leak. It means the accident was indeed at or right below as for the lower Miss zero is the mouth of the River. For Upper Miss zero is at Cairo. The Miss River wants to go toward Lac des Allemands so could eventually go through Waterford if not allowed to ease over further north into the Atchafalaya River.

    Either all these other sources are wrong or Entergy-NRC have the wrong location for Waterford!

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    • I will add this.
      I have good search tags so in the future it will make everything easy to find if it’s all on one post.
      I wonder if they change these mile markers as the river shifts.
      Early on when doing reports about the Gulf and BP and faults I remember reading a lot about river navigation signals and charts.
      The coast guard and army corps of eng. are very fussy about them. It is a big liability to disobey signals on a river with that much freight.

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