Flood Warnings (not for Assumption Parish though) < Feb. 3 UPDATE

UPDATE – Feb. 3

The water level at Donaldsonville is going down. The higher water is come downstream on the other side of N.O.. Pearl River is getting higher – chart

Louisiana LIVE DATA on river stages (map)


Open-Air Explosives Burn Plan –

LiveAmmo   Colfax meeting Thursday is to prepare for DEQ hearing

” . . . . Some scientists and environmentalists say the contaminants from the waste that is openly burned are a threat to human health, especially in a 40-mile radius of the company’s 700-acre site located off La. Highway 471 about 5 miles northwest of the town of Colfax.”

Colfax is ½ way between Shreveport and Baton Rouge, north from Bayou Corne. MAP



CrosstexHarryAbout the butane stored next to Lake FUBAR … Crostex hasn’t put out an update ALL YEAR(!)

Important LA 12 helicorder has been BROKEN for 3 months now. LA 10-02 is also still broken. LA 10-01 (surface) shows a lot of bangs. LA 17-02 looks like a dog got it and is shaking it like a rat.



950 PM CST WED JAN 27 2016

...The flood warning continues for the following rivers in

  Mississippi River At Red River Landing affecting East Baton
  Rouge...Pointe Coupee and West Feliciana Parishes

  Mississippi River At Baton Rouge affecting East Baton Rouge and
  West Baton Rouge Parishes

  Mississippi River At Donaldsonville affecting Ascension Parish

  Mississippi River At Reserve affecting St. Charles...St. James and
  St. John The Baptist Parishes

WAFB River Stages

We’ll keep an eye on snow melt this week – FC

This flood season brings subsidence to mind. Just added this doc to the SALT DOME page (at the bottom) – Effects of Earthquakes, Fault Movements, and Subsidence on the S. Louisiana Landscape
It has this interesting map – (big size, click to see)


New St. Bernard president signs coastal lawsuit deal with top donors

(Dec. 23) A Federal Judge in Sinkhole Litigation applies Louisiana Law to one Excess Insurance Policy

Case: Lisa Leblanc, et al v. Texas Brine Co., LLC, et al.
U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana
No. 12:12-2059 & Consolidated Cases (E.D. La. November 23, 2015)

This litigation involves a consolidated $80 million class action to recover damages resulting from the development of a sinkhole on property allegedly belonging to and or under the Defendants, Texas Brine Co., LLC and Occidental Chemical Corporation in Assumption Parish, Louisiana. The sinkhole was allegedly caused by Texas Brine’s operations, and in response to Plaintiffs’ claims, Texas Brine sued numerous insurers that issued liability policies to the company over the past 20 years. In the demands, Texas Brine seeks defense and indemnity, and with respect to one excess carrier, Liberty Insurance Underwriters (Liberty), Texas Brine also seeks damages, penalties and attorneys fees under La. R.S. Section 22:1973, one of Louisiana’s bad faith statutes. The putative class of Plaintiffs also filed claims against Texas Brine’s insurers under the Louisiana Direct Action Statute, La. R.S. 22:1269. . . .  (more)

(Dec. 30) – Federal Court in Louisiana Finds Louisiana Law Applies to Texas Insured’s Claims Against Insurer Relating to Louisiana incident

Use of federal drinking water varies in Deep South

“ATLANTA (AP) — Much of the so-called “set aside” money intended to help states comply with federal drinking water requirements covers salaries of state employees and payment to private contractors, according to state records in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi reviewed by The Associated Press. In addition to providing loans for local water projects, the federal Drinking Water State Revolving Fund allows states to set aside up to 31 percent of the money they receive for operating and administrative costs. . . .”

13 thoughts on “Flood Warnings (not for Assumption Parish though) < Feb. 3 UPDATE

  1. Floods in the United States: 1901–2000
    Read about Flooding in the central Appalachians – November 1985 from Hurricane Juan

    Hurricane Juan was a large and erratic tropical cyclone that looped twice near the Louisiana coast.

    And read about the the Lower Mississippi Flood of 1983 and more there
    Red River Landing, Louisiana, was flooded for 115 days. Damages totaled US$15.7 million (1983 dollars).

  2. This is an old pdf. Crosstex says nothing to worry about. The Butane is stored deep underground, and the pressure above is keeping the liquid butane from escaping. The Butane caverns are are located, according to Crosstex, deep within the Napoleanville salt dome. So there is no need to be concerned about a breach. They are checking the underground Butane storage tanks every 7-10 days.

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    Worst Case Scenario
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    Aug 15, 2012 … Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality … Re: Crosstex — Napoleonville Liquid Storage Cavern Worst Case Scenario Analysis … pressure of normal butane and the static pressure caused by the … The EPA’s “RMP*Comp” program calculated a 1 psi … similar to that for underground storage tanks.

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