The Seneca Lake, Porter Ranch, Bayou Corne Connection

My Valley: Save Porter Ranch has New York support

Porter Ranch residents outraged about the massive natural gal leak above their community have found some allies on the other side of the country.

A group called We Are Seneca Lake is protesting a Texas-based company’s plan to expand a natural gas storage facility and seeking approval to store liquefied petroleum gases at its property on this bucolic lake, the deepest in the Finger Lakes chain in the southwestern part of New York. . . .”

“. . . . Seneca Lake, with a depth of 618 feet, is the deepest Finger Lake. The lake is so deep that Dresden, a village on the western shore, is home to a U.S. Navy sonar testing facility.

Gas storage here would be in old salt mines that start roughly 400 feet under the lake bottom . . . “

Note – this L.A. paper, The Daily News has many articles on the natural gas industry and on the situation at Porter Ranch.

More on the Los Angeles Porter Ranch gas leak –


Porter Ranch, like Bayou Corne is a victim of lax oversight over the gas storage industry, antiquated rules, good-ol’-boy political cronyism and sloppy out-of-town operators who could care less about home owners or the health of the residents where they put their shoddy facilities.  That’s what we think!



11 thoughts on “The Seneca Lake, Porter Ranch, Bayou Corne Connection

  1. How far away is Brunswick Nuclear Plant, Southport, NC from Charleston, South Carolina

    Historic Earthquakes
    Charleston, South Carolina
    1886 September 01 02:51 UTC (local August 31)
    Magnitude 7.3
    Intensity X
    Largest Earthquake in South Carolina

    USGS: Parts of South Carolina at high risk of earthquakes

    1886 Charleston Earthquake

    • did it? ooooooo … but it says a pipe broke … so maybe it’s just that. Unless seeping gas makes pipes brittle. But since 90% of the country probably is over due for new pipes it might be just a normal hole.

  2. comment disappeared..i am replying to Walter comment re South Carolina and also Baton Rouge sinkhole. The second is a bit of a joke because Bayou Corne sinkhole will be ignored until it swallows up BR. Charleston quake and German waste issue is dead serious. Everyone in Cal knows the earthquake risks. SC doesnt know,

  3. Train trestle fire near New Orleans doused, Amtrak route from Chicago cut

    “….Billowing smoke and towering flames attracted widespread attention because the rail bridge runs along Interstate 10 as it crosses the Bonnet Carre Spillway. However, Babin said the interstate wasn’t shut down. In part because the spillway remains soggy after it was opened last month to divert Mississippi River floodwaters, the fire did not spread.”

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