Severe Weather Forecast for S. Louisiana – Assumption Parish Looses Water Tower

Hang on!

The Advocate South Louisiana schools, LSU announce Tuesday closures; ‘enhanced’ risk of severe weather in south Louisiana

“Thunderstorms could start as early as 10 a.m., but the biggest threat will arrive in the afternoon and run through the evening hours, according to the National Weather Service.

The main risks Tuesday will be damaging winds of gusts up to 80 miles per hour, tornadoes, large hail and frequent lightning.”

“The highest risks will be along and east of Interstate 55 and north of Interestates 10 and 12.”

WAFB radar   |   River Stages Map

Nat’l. Weather Service –
812 PM CST MON FEB 22 2016
…The flood warning continues for the following rivers in
The Pearl River Near Bogalusa affecting St. Tammany…Washington…
Hancock and Pearl River Counties/Parishes
The Pearl River Near Pearl River affecting St. Tammany…Hancock and
Pearl River Counties/Parishes … (more)


Tornadoes kill 3, injure dozens in Louisiana, Mississippi

All of Assumption Parish under emergency boil order until further notice

“The entire parish is under an emergency boil order until further notice after the water tower on Hwy 70 and Hwy 1 in Paincourtville was knocked down and destroyed. “

” . . . A shelter will be open at Belle Rose Middle School for anyone who needs it. Any residents who needed transportation to the shelter are asked to contact the Assumption Parish OEP at (985) 369-7386. “

SEE Also COMMENTS for tornado updates.


26 thoughts on “Severe Weather Forecast for S. Louisiana – Assumption Parish Looses Water Tower

  1. Tornado’s and possible tornado and strong winds and some severe
    Convent, Louisiana 2 dead damage level medium
    2 dead, 30 injured, 100 trailers damaged as tornado slams Convent

    Jefferson Parish region Louisiana damage level is not or not known
    Multiple tornadoes touch down throughout south Louisiana;
    As many as 20 homes and businesses were damaged by an apparent tornado in Assumption Parish, LA.
    Paincourtville, LA was also hit.
    A radar confirmed tornado touched down near Paincourtville in Assumption Parish and tracked eastward through parts of Belle Rose, Donaldsonville, Welcome and Convent.

    Purvis, Mississippi 1 dead damage level small possible tornado

  2. Riverbend woes even though as much off as possible. It seems that the fans needed to operate the diesel generators aren’t working right.
    BTW, it is more likely to rain two days before and after full and new moon. It has to do with the lunar influence-pull like tides at full moon, I think. I’m too tired to recall exactly why. However, I’m sure it’s why Easter is scheduled blah, blah, after whatever moon, which is why it rotates Sunday and why it rarely rains on Easter, IMO. Babies are also more likely to be born near full or new moons/ storms because of pressure changes. Medical personnel will tell you this, as will many mothers. Pressure changes will do a lot of strange things, even make people’s noses run suddently.

    • — and on babies — the phrase ‘son of a gun’ had to do with pregnent women near childbirth having difficulties would be placed next to a ship’s cannon if they were in transit.
      They would fire the cannon and the concussion would start the birth.

      • In England the ‘son of a gun’ comes from the navy rule that male babies born to ships prostitutes would be accepted by the navy orphanage if they were born aboard vessel. When the ship is in port the gun deck is not in use so it was the traditional place to give birth, On the birth certificate the name of father was recorded as ‘son of a gun’. these babies were raised at the orphanage and put into service as cadets or cabin boys when old enough.
        It occurs to me that they could use submersibles at the flooded Lake Peigneur salt mine to see what has happened since it was flooded with fresh water. It was a traditional salt mine with shafts and horizontal galleries so much of it should be intact. Might give indications of what is likely at the Napoleonville collapsed cavern.

      • well, heck, I had that whole story wrong… sorry third trimester women who slept on a pirate ship….

        Yeah, on ROVs…. I think there was some news up about them back during the BP disaster, on why they don’t deploy them to look at Lake FUBAR etc.
        (but I can’t find it).

        Walter mentioned same idea in this comment.

        I think I did a list of hi-tech not employed at Lake FUBAR but when I search to find that post I get too many results. Back during P accident they showed those underwater robots at work.

  3. This happen underground in those salt caverns.
    On the sinkhole recorder from Feb, 25, 2016 12:00pm to 24:00pm or 02/25/2016 (12)
    On the LA-10 recorder it does not show it
    On the LA-18 recorder it does not show it
    On the two LA-17 recorder it does not show it

    But on this recorders at 15:19 pm CST or 21:19 UTC time
    And again at 15:25 pm CST or 21:25 UTC time
    On the LA-11 recorder it show it
    On the LA-14 recorder it show it
    On the LA-19 recorder it show it

  4. Atlantic Ocean – South About 600 miles off the coast of Brazil Event into space
    Massive meteor explodes over Atlantic near Brazil Feb 23, 2016
    Large-ish Meteor Hits Earth… But No One Notices
    FEB 23, 2016 02:12 PM

    What are they not telling us?
    FEBRUARY 2, 2016
    Small Asteroid to Pass Close to Earth March 8
    This one was for March 5 and posted on space weather but did not tell anyone tell Feb. 25 or 26, 2016.

    On space weather
    Asteroid 2013 TX68 dated Mar 5 Miss Distance 0.044 Size 30 m taken off on Feb. 26, 2016
    Now this Asteroid 2013 TX68 dated Mar 8 Miss Distance 13 LD Size 38 m

  5. Perhaps ‘someone’ should start a rumor that there is WWII gold in Lake Fubar, They would have a ROV down there before you could whistle Dixie

    • I had an old post about fancy technology not being used there.
      They save it for ancient ruins and animal census takers. All those space imaging deals on Mars etc … they could use.

      • I posted in the early days (under Pomkiwi) that Wood’s Hole did a complete 3D imaging of a nz lake. Just to research some old remains of geothermal terraces that were destroyed in the eruption that formed the lake. This at the same time as Lake Fubar growing.
        My rumor suggestion was for fun but it was used for Czar’s gold (Lake Baikal) Nazi gold (Swiss lake) and Poland (burried train). All resulted in scientific searches with ROVs, ground penetrating radar etc. Wasn’t there a secret convoy that was washed away in the great Mississippi flood of ’43 lol, They say that it is still recorded at Fort Knox under the heading ‘deep storage’. See how easy it would be

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