MORE Rain & Flooding



  • Ascension, LA
  • East Baton Rouge, LA
  • Lawrence, MS
  • Livingston, LA
  • Pointe Coupee, LA
  • St. Martin, LA
  • Tangipahoa, LA
  • West Baton Rouge, LA
  • West Feliciana, LA
  • Wilkinson, MS

Warnings and UPDATES at WAFB.COM

They are closing the Bonnet Carre spillway today.
Governor Requests Additional Parishes Be Added to Federal Declaration

Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (OHSEP) Contacts





29 thoughts on “MORE Rain & Flooding

  1. updated the Yellowstone blog and the post here about those craters appearing in Russia – cause may be methane releases, says Paul Beckwith –

    AND he talks about CO2 releases around San Andreas fault … maybe a portent of a quake(!)

  2. Update on that interstate I-75 rock slide in TN.
    The two lane I-75 southbound reopened in northern Tennessee following closure for rock slide
    March 11, 2016
    Just one northbound lane is scheduled to reopen on or before March 24 the entire repair project is scheduled to be completed by April 15.

    New aerial photo of the rockslide on I-75 in Campbell County. Work continues. NB lanes to open next week – on or before 3/24.


    • was stupid driver driving with one headlight? I saw that in Tenn. sometimes! In NYC you see no headlights because of bright street lights… people forget!

  3. There was unknown Earthquake on the Louisiana recorders at or about. 23:32 UTC time.
    The ones in Arkansas are showing it at 23:25 UTC time.

    This Louisiana recorder up north show it at 23:25 UTC time.
    143B HHZ N4 — : Socs Landing, Pioneer, LA, USA–.2016032012.gif?v=1458522656

    That not this one.
    M6.4 – 211km S of Ust’-Kamchatsk Staryy, Russia
    depth=31.3 km (19.5 mi)
    2016-03-20 22:50:20 (UTC)

  4. From forgotten Bayou web site

    Look at the date and year they have when this picture was taken.
    If you look this picture was taken in 2013.
    What are they coving up about that sinkhole.

    April 2015 – Sinkhole as seen from our Cessna, note the oils sheen

    Forgotten Bayou sinkhole May 2013

    • They appear innocent to me. $1,500 is a lot for hot dogs. I think they wouldn’t do this 2 two rich women.

      • You gotta be a lawyer and have money. Anyone can accuse you of anything and you have to come up with cash bail or you sit in jail, which as the lawyer says is dangerous and ridiculous. Most people don’t have $150 sitting around for bail let alone $1500. That’s New Iberia so fairly nearby. But, it can happen anywhere. Look at Dana too! I bet Germans protest more because their jails are cleaner and safer.

      • Every time they need to shore up the levees they go out at night and arrest men for ‘public intoxication’ so they can press them into work!
        Horrid history of abuse.

      • Corvee. Did I tell you that I think they may be disposing of radioactive materials in those bags at least sometimes? There was a tie between the Katrina bag providers, bag makers and nuclear clean-up.

      • Mafia! Nuke waste supposedly in the foundation of a certain shopping center at the foot of Canal St. New Orleans. I wonder if there are dead bodies in the concrete of the nuclear power stations themselves. They’ve found gloves or hats. Like the Irish in the canals.

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