NEWS! APPJ Posts Mar. 3 Sinkhole Survey. Is Mini-Me Sinkhole Forming???

Finally some NEWS!

APPJ blog – 11:05 a.m. Sinkhole Depth Survey, February 2016

The survey [PDF]

The revised date on the survey is Mar. 3 and the profile is from Feb.

floodThe flooding continues – see posts below for info links

FLOOD WARNINGS for East Baton Rouge area (not Assumption Parish, though).

DHH probing why Peoples Water never reported high disinfectant levels; Donaldsonville residents still can’t drink the water

Reader, Walter thinks a second sinkhole is forming. It sure looks like it!
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33 thoughts on “NEWS! APPJ Posts Mar. 3 Sinkhole Survey. Is Mini-Me Sinkhole Forming???

  1. Look at the sinkhole feet to those big tank from 2015 to 2016.

    June 2015 – Sinkhole Depth Survey
    This Yellow dotted line is dated 06/29/15 Limits of -2.0’ contour
    From the tanks to the Yellow dotted line is 259’ feet
    Aerial image taken on 2/06/15

    Click to access 062615FinalSurvey.pdf

    February 2016 – Sinkhole Survey
    Aerial image taken in Feb. 2016
    Yellow dotted line dated 03/02/16 Limits of -2.0’ contour
    From the tanks to the pink line is 249’ feet

    Click to access 13512_022916Final.pdf

  2. But they are going down with style. 10 minutes of All American and New Orleans mix. Starts off with American Indian singing, passes through cheerleader style chants and moves into refusal to move off the stage.

    We all die anyway. The question is just if the earth will die too. Stewardship of the earth means to try.

  3. The US government still thinks that salt is a great place to put nuclear waste because the National Academy of Science said so in 1950! That is 66 years ago!
    Also, are planning on doing bore-holes of nuclear waste so that everyone can have their own waste dump, even though these leaked when they did them in Tennessee. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  4. This interstate road has been closed since Feb. 26, 2016 in Tennessee
    The two south lanes, both lanes open to traffic on March 9th.
    One Lane to Reopen Thursday on I-75 going North in Campbell County that was Mar. 24, 2016
    One more lane to go.


    • Walter, Dana made that claim about tritium not allowing water to freeze when he show the Canadian Rockies devoid of snow.

      • I am not trying to jump on anyone.
        I know Dana trying to learn everything he can about this world we live on.

        I don’t know why the Canadian Rockies is devoid of snow ?
        What does it take for moving water to freeze under Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plants ?
        Well that Volcano in Alaska drop the Temp. around the world ?

        Where was the north pole in 100 A.D. ?
        Wandering path magnetic north pole

        Where Exactly Is Magnetic North ?

      • I forgot to update the Bugle today — there was a big volcano blow in Mexico (around same time as the Alaska one went off) and it may have showed on the helicorders.
        I had a bug on my computer and was out of commission all day.

      • I don’t know how long this tour well go on ?
        Tour of Oak Ridge TN nuclear plants registration begins 9:00 am each day beginning of tour of nuclear plants 11:30 AM and end at 2:30 PM almost a three hour tour.

        Grandfather Mountain North Carolina
        360-degree views from its Mile High Swinging Bridge, Grandfather Mountain
        A zoo on top of mountain

        Mystery of the Brown Mountain Lights

      • I got a IQ of 54 it take a lot of work for me spell and learn things.
        It took me 50 years to never lick a steak knife.

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