Louisiana Weather Warning

Some Southern states could see tornadoes, 5 inches of rain

“ATLANTA (AP) — Forecasters say storms could produce tornadoes in several states across the South and flooding in Mississippi, where up to 5 inches of rain could fall.

The national Storm Prediction Center says nearly 60 million people in several states — including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi — will be at risk for severe storms Wednesday into Thursday…”

WAFB.com has flood warnings and weather updates

More weather resources and links on earlier flood posts …. scroll down.



March 21 – NASA – Persistent Flooding in Louisiana Imaged by NASA Spacecraft


3 thoughts on “Louisiana Weather Warning

  1. About that damaged reactor buildings and that ice wall and why it did not work.

    There is a lot of factor why water does not freeze underground.
    Increasing the water’s pressure also depresses the freezing point of water.

    Moving water how cold do you have to have it to freeze ?
    What is freezing point of moving water ?
    Why doesn’t the water at the bottom of the ocean freeze?
    Why do streams not freeze in winter?

    I can go on and on about this but there going to have to divert those underground springs and streams from going under those damaged reactor buildings before that ice wall can work, that all there is to it.
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    The word is Horizontal Drilling on hillsides or mountain sides to redirect springs or streams water flow away from building.

    • Plus Fukushima missing coriums are super hot, thousands of degrees hot and are self-fissioning etc. plus exploding as they hit water.

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