Why Isn’t Space Imagery Used at Lake FUBAR?

We asked this before about JPL* and Sandia Labs etc. doing so little observation of Lake FUBAR.

We don’t know if the sinkhole is collapsing downward or sideways or both and huge butane caverns are nearby as well as State Highway 70.

Last night PBS aired this show on NOVA about Vikings and finding pre-Columbus settlements using space imagery. The show demonstrates how the imagery can penetrate top levels of the ground to see a certain depth underground at great accuracy, 10 inches(!).

Here is the episode:  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ancient/vikings-unearthed.html

So why isn’t anyone at LSU or U of Alabama or other science lab utilizing info that is already available to check out Lake FUBAR?? And can’t the parties that caused the sinkhole foot the bill? In the documentary U of Alabama was the place that did all the fancy imagery examination. They aren’t so far away from Bayou Corne.

*  earlier JPL report

LINK –  http://youtu.be/uGcC1vUjPXI

Short video with still images – Elusive Viking Site Spotted From Space – Newfoundland, Canada


11 thoughts on “Why Isn’t Space Imagery Used at Lake FUBAR?

  1. Remembering Browns Ferry, almost nuclear catastrophe
    The two most well-known nuclear power plant accidents before now were at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania in 1979 and the 1986 event at Chernobyl in Soviet Union.
    But before either of these and, of course, the nuclear crisis in Japan, there was an accident at the Tennessee Valley’s Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant on the Tennessee River near Athens, Ala.
    In March 1975 that could have been catastrophic in its own right.
    The incident on March 22 began at 12:20 p.m

    The Browns Ferry Fire
    On March 22, 1975, a candle caused a near-catastrophe at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant located near Decatur, Alabama.

    High radiation triggers alert at Browns Ferry April 7th, 2016

  2. It’s good you are making the point. Maybe someone will notice. Thanks for putting up the vid, I couldn’t get it.

    Where is the grant money from? I can’t recall.

    Vikings are more entertaining? While I am certain that they were there and probably melting permafrost makes it easy to find, it may well be used as an excuse to say First Nations have no special rights for mining and oil and gas. I think that the A negative blood type among the Black Foot Indians is testimony that some of the First Nations are Nordic Europeans. Irish fishermen used to summer in Martime Canada. There were blue-eyed Indians very early and it was speculated that it was survivors of the first Jamestown settlement (or something like that). I always thought that the similarities between the Viking Longhouses and the Iroquois houses, as well as their matrifocal cultures were a sign that they were the same. Also, aren’t there similarties in government? I think that the eastern Indians had to be European origin. Whoever they are they were still there first.

    U. of Alabama did some other interesting rad research on either Chernobyl or Fukushima and I thought they should have done some of their own reactors.

  3. What next for those that live along the Gulf of Mexico

    Published on Apr 11, 2016
    Biohazard level 0/4 –
    Red tide brings fish kill, coughing to Pinellas County’s Pass-a-Grille beach

    Pass-a-grille Florida Red Tide Biological Hazard in USA on April 12 2016 03:33 AM (UTC).

  4. WW-2 Japanese Paper Balloons attach on US
    Not just bombs were they dropping
    Between November 1944 and April 1945, Japan launched over 9,300 fire balloons. About 300 balloon bombs were found or observed in North America, killing six people and causing a small amount of damage.

    They were designed as a cheap weapon intended to make use of the jet stream over the Pacific Ocean and wreak havoc on Canadian and American cities, forests, and farmland.
    These was there plan for those Paper Balloons.
    Biological warfare
    Japanese biowarfare program was known as “Unit 731” and was located in Manchuria near the town of Pingfan.

    • yeah, I know that one.
      This is important to know about as it demonstrates how FAST the radiation plume from Fukushima hit the US/Canada west coast.
      And you see anti-scientists like Jay Cullen and Ken Buesseler pretend there is no jet stream.

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