No Flood Warnings for Louisiana After Texas Deluge

News in case of a change on WAFB.

Washington PostHouston region swamped and shut down by ‘historic’ flood

“A flood event of excessive proportions has crippled Houston and a vast region surrounding it.  Five to 17 inches of rain have fallen in the area in less than 24 hours . . . “


Yellowstone Updated


19 thoughts on “No Flood Warnings for Louisiana After Texas Deluge

      • They need to pull the plu on HAARP and all these other weather mod schemes… including the ski resorts cloud seeding for snow. All of them.

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  2. This eruption should show at the sinkhole. This is the same volcano I brought to your attention a couple years ago blowing off ash and steam. There are evacuation routes to the US should things worsen.
    The Shaking Continues: The Most Dangerous Volcano In Mexico Has Erupted In Spectacular Fashion.
    The eruption of Mt. Popocatepetl very early this morning took residents of the area very much by surprise.

  3. Event into space in El Salvador on April 21 2016 12:38 PM (UTC).
    If that true it was on Apr. 17, 2016 that happen

    Mysterious blood red sky
    It turn the night sky blood red

    update Aliso Canyon gas storage field California

    • I just saw that. Put it in comments in the Yellowstone blog … with a vid.
      They are trying to say it was glow from cane burning in fields.
      Meteror fragments are worth a lot.
      Like finding gold nuggets.

  4. Water rights wars it’s all about water
    There two big rivers in Tennessee that go into Ohio river near Paducah Kentucky that Cumberland river and the Tennessee river.

    Georgia went to move the mighty Tennessee River into Georgia

    Georgia flatly rejects Florida’s water wars arguments


    Georgia wages water war
    Nightly News April 22, 2016

    • Georgia has water problems.
      Atlanta hasn’t any good source of water and they bring it in from far away.
      They might be bringing Tenn. water in for Atlanta.

      • By moving Tennessee river to Georgia it would Shut Down Shipping on the Mighty Mississippi in a Prolonged Drought.

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