7.0 Quake Off Fiji – Lake FUBAR Quivers + New Madrid

Action at Lake FUBAR may be cave-ins … Take a look at helicorders today. heli_button





Lake FUBAR goes crazy after 3:45 P.M. (CST):



Thanks, Walter, for links 😉


USGS – 2016 One-Year Model [ of INDUCED quakes ] shows the New Madrid jumping. MAP

flying cuttlefish picayune

Possible tsunami after 7.0 earthquake near Fiji


Tsunami report says the threat window has passed.

This morning the NOAA Tsunami page had nothing recent listed while this should have been listed.  Also the USGS quake map page was down –

Meanwhile in Japan . . .

1,000 quakes recorded in two Kyushu prefectures in two weeks since initial jolt

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13 thoughts on “7.0 Quake Off Fiji – Lake FUBAR Quivers + New Madrid

  1. When looking at things about the old company i was in, the 535th Engineer Company i come across things like this the 535th Engineer Detachment that is not my old company.
    Yes we had people in our old company send to Panama Canal to work with this battalion in clear up work in 1969.

    Army Nuclear Floating Power plant the 535th Engineer Detachment (Prime Power)

    Click to access Jan-Feb_1977.PDF

      • China and Russia are trying to revive those floating reactors mostly to help them drill for oil offshore. I did a post but didn’t have the great original document which Walter has provided and depended on Wikipedia. But, as is happening more and more the web site won’t let me download it. I don’t know if the US web sites are just defective in construction or they block on purpose. It’s mostly like the US DOE and sometimes army mil — things to do with nuclear cons.

    • Thanks Walter! I love these original old documents. I hope that the web site lets me download it eventually. Russia and China are trying to revive this concept for offshore oil drilling.

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