Butane isn’t All That Can Explode in a Salt Cavern

Pouring Molten salt into Water – Explosion!

LINK –  http://youtu.be/PDRWQUUUCF0

Salt caverns — such a great idea for nuclear waste too!



15 thoughts on “Butane isn’t All That Can Explode in a Salt Cavern

  1. Dr. Leuren Moret says, “I worked doing geochemistry on WIPP when I was at Livermore nuc lab. It is an ancient Permian Ocean salt deposit, and it was selected for a pilot study on storing nuclear waste underground. They had lots of phony reasons to justify putting it in such an unstable place, but the real reason it was selected is because a Senator on the east coast did not want nuclear waste stored in his state, so he got Congress to pass a law that it can never be stored in crystalline rock – which conveniently eliminated the Senators state that was sitting on Appalachian granite. The pilot study got kicked out of NM and relocated to the Nevada Test Site because no state would take it.

    The bacteria in the underground storage areas at WIPP and Yucca Mtn. ate the metal nuclear waste cannisters in 5 years! I was at Livermore when the cannisters came back from NV and NM. Over $3 billion was spent on those cannisters and the rest of the project at Yucca Mtn. but the science was fiction, and so much fraud was commited that a few years ago a Fed. Judge ordered DOE to throw out all the science and the entire proj. and start from scratch to redo it if they wanted an underground waste repository at Yucca. And he added, that it had to be guaranteed to be safe for something like 200,000 years, not 10,000 years like DOE said. It wasn’t even safe after 5 years, so the Judge was right.”

  2. I think they had a cave-in, you can see it on
    LA17 EHZ YC 01 : Bayou Corne Well 3 recorder
    At 17:16 pm CDT time or 22:16 pm UTC time

    You can see it on the other LA-17 recorder as well
    LA17 HHZ YC 02 : Bayou Corne Well 3, 185m, LA recorder

    All of them for the sinkhole and the three Arkansas recorders

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